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"The true subversion of The Lego Movie is its subversion of mindless anticapitalist showbiz liberals."


Soon Every Classic Movie Will Have A Lego Analogue

Because why not, here is the climactic scene from Blade Runner as rendered in Lego. Is it really just Tuesday? [Via]


Tegan And Sara, "Everything Is Awesome"

If you happened to walk past a movie theater this weekend it is not unlikely that you saw an odd combination of small children and college-age kids singing this song as they emerged from what it turns out was The Lego Movie. Now it is impossible to unknow, impossible to unhear. It is too late for me to save myself, so I leave this here as an explanation of what happened to me for those in the future who might wonder. It is an almost unforgivable thing I do, putting this in a place where you might create your own relentless earworm, so I will warn you very seriously [...]


Lego 'Matrix' Brings Us Closer To Day's End

Because it's that kind of day, and because why not, and because, actually, it's kind of awesome, here is the "Dodge this" scene from The Matrix recreated in the medium of Lego. Did you know The Matrix is actually ten years old now? I bet if you turned on your TV right now you'd be able to find it playing somewhere. Anyway, enjoy. We're getting there! [Via]


Will Angry Legos Make Angry Children?

"Angry Lego faces could have a significant impact on how children play, a University of Canterbury robot expert says."


New Lego Brand Ethos Creating Generation of Mindless Assembly Line Worker Drones

"Hollywood themes are commanding more shelf space, a far cry from the idealistic, purely imagination-oriented play that drove Lego for years and was as much a religion as a business strategy in Billund." Did you read the Times article over the weekend about changes in the Lego company?