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Readers of Lance Armstrong Books Sue To Get Their Money Back

If you're the kind of lifelong dupe who bought a book by Lance Armstrong, there's really no helping you. But, still, the wheels of justice must turn, etc., and both law firms and the U.S. Postal Service depend upon those bulk-mailed class-action suit notices. So a couple of consumers in California have gone to federal court in hopes of making a big deal over the long-known truth about Lance Armstrong, the professional drug dealer and sports cheat.

Rob Stutzman and several others who bought Armstrong's "It's Not About The Bike" and "Every Second Counts" have filed a lawsuit in Sacramento federal court. It alleges Armstrong duped them into believing [...]


JFK Airport a Foul Nest of Luggage Thieves, Claims Random Dude

CBS New York News—that's the TV station that didn't employ Sue Simmons—is going big on how JFK airport is a hotbed of thefts in checked luggage. Their claim: there are 200 thefts a day, every day, from checked bags: "Baggage handlers, jetway workers and even security people are all in on the ongoing scam to steal you blind," is what they're screaming. Their big money quote is from "JFK security lawyer Kenneth Mollins." Did you know there was a kind of lawyer who was a "JFK security lawyer"? That seems unusual! Actually, Kenneth Mollins is a "personal injury attorney." He once:

• represented a client who sued [...]


Some Newspapers Are Setting Up Their Employees To Get Sued

At The Guardian, journalists who identify themselves as Guardian employees in their Twitter bios are advised to include a disclaimer such as, “These are my personal views and not those of my employer.”

Yeah, that's because the legal department would rather not carry all employees at all times on their libel insurance. So if you work in the media, at some places you're encouraged (sometimes even commanded) to use things like Twitter—but also apparently sometimes you're encouraged to actually make a disclaimer that your social media output isn't "work product." Shady! So then when you get sued, well, off you go, enjoy hiring your own defense. It's [...]


Did Charlie Crist Steal Interior Decorating Secrets From The Wu-Tang Clan?

Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist can pardon Jim Morrison for a bogus obscenity bust, and officially apologize to David Byrne for using his music without permission. But he's really going to be in trouble when Raekwon finds out that he's wallpapered his offices with the album-cover artwork from 2009's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx… Pt. II.


Axl Rose To Get In The Ring, Courtroom With His Former Manager

Curmudgeonly Guns N' Roses frontman Axl Rose has sued his former manager Irving Azoff for $5 million, saying that Azoff sabotaged sales of 2008's forever-in-the-making Chinese Democracy and tried to screw up the band's live itinerary around the release of that album in hopes that Rose would begrudgingly reunite with the probably more lucrative Appetite For Destruction-era lineup of the group, despite there being many bygones to be bygoned on that front. The release of Chinese Democracy was certainly one that raised a lot more questions than it answered, and it would appear that this particular piece of litigation is something of an attempt to answer at least [...]


Franz Kafka Imbroglio Seems Oddly Familiar

Sigh: "Before his death in 1924, Franz Kafka left his papers to Max Brod who rushed them out of Czechoslovakia ahead of the advancing Nazis. Now, the daughter of Brod's late secretary wants to sell them to a German institute. But the legal battle in Israel has become Kafka-esque." Presumably in the same way that Amazon's Kindle deletion of 1984 was Orwellian.


Military Flack Debilitated By Prevarications

British military press officer John Salisbury-Baker is suing the Ministry of Defense on a disability claim contending that being forced to tell "government lies" resulted in post-traumatic stress syndrome. Do with that what you will.


How to "Double-Delete" Your Email, by Major Book Publishers/Defendants

I may never stop laughing. Here is some advice for how to accomplish price-fixing, which we have learned here in US v. Apple et al (PDF), the lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice against ebook sellers for conspiracy to fix prices with Apple, so as to undermine Amazon. (Fun fact: the defendants in the case account for a full half of Amazon's ebook revenue.)

"Double-deletion" of email is the apparently common practice of deleting an email in your inbox, then deleting it again in your trash. It also largely doesn't work.

Also, "pro tip": it really helps if you don't keep emails about double-deleting your emails [...]


Nikki Finke v. Janice Min: The Bazillion-Dollar Lawsuit

While the lawsuit apparently filed today by the parent company of Nikki Finke's Deadline against the parent company of the Hollywood Reporter is largely about "misappropriating wholesale content" from Deadline, the fun begins when you see they accused the Reporter of straight up stealing code from their site TVLine. (The copyright infringement on the code seems pretty cut and dry. [PDF]) BUT THEN there's also a section on how the Reporter tried to "lure away" Deadline's employee, Ms. Finke, with a decent salary and a "ONE MILLION DOLLAR MALIBU HOME." Then there are like a thousand examples of stories that Deadline posted first and then the [...]


NYC Won't Release Bloomberg's Emails with Cathie Black

The mayor's office has twice rejected totally every-day requests to see emails between the mayor's office and Cathie Black, the short-time Schools Chancellor, while she was employed at Hearst Publications (as well as with any other people at Hearst). The reasoning? The documents are exempt from disclosure because they're inter- or intra-agency communications. That's weird, I guess we all own part of Cosmo now? Anyway, now the City is being sued for the emails, quite rightly.


Woman Claims Healing Energy Bracelets Are Ineffective!

According to this truly sketchy website, "if you feel unbalanced and generally worn down lately, it is probably because your biofield has fallen victim to the electromagnetic radiation around you." The answer is the iRenew bracelet, obviously. But one woman did not find that her electromagnetic radiation was dealt with properly by this bracelet! So she is suing the company: "Her attorney is asking that he be allowed to sue on behalf of the hundreds of people who bought the bracelets. He estimated damages at $5 million." Oh no, but I have been wearing it in my underpants!


Scalding Grease Normal Side Effect of Undrained McDonald's Sandwiches

"When Frank Sutton bit into his sandwich, scalding grease 'flew all over his mouth,' a fellow diner recalled. Mr. Sutton's wife took ice from her drink and applied it to his face, but his lips blistered. When he told one of the employees, he testified that she said 'this is what happens' to the sandwiches 'when they aren't drained completely.'" -Apparently, the obesity epidemic is not working fast enough for the folks at McDonald's, who are always coming up with new and better ways to hurt people with fried chicken. Makes those Olympics commercials suggesting the world's top athletes maintain their supreme physical fitness by eating french [...]


Marty Singer's Letter From Demi Moore to Perez Hilton

Earlier we were discussing celebrity attorney Marty Singer's letter-writing skills. Here, for instance, is one for you to read! It is a response he wrote after the Demi Moore-Perez Hilton dustup, in which Demi called Perez a child-pornographer after he posted revealing photographs of her daugther-and he told her that he wouldn't let her 15-year-old daughter dress like a skank, essentially. What possible question of law is involved in any of this is beyond me-and yet Marty Singer is getting paid to craft letters such as the one that follows.


Real Estate Company In Twitter Lawsuit Unconcerned About Appearances

"We're a 'sue first, ask questions later' kind of an organization," says Jeffrey Michael of Horizon Group Management, explaining why they never contacted the tenant whose Twitter post about her moldy apartment resulted in a $50,000 lawsuit and a flood of terrible publicity for the management firm. Good lord, is there an easier job than "Chicago lawyer" these days?


The Highly Enjoyable Keith Olbermann Lawsuit

I finally read the Olbermann filing against his former employer, Current TV, because it's Friday and I needed a laugh. (PDF.) It's pretty dramatic and overly aggrieved and not that damning, but then all he's claiming is that contracts were breached; it's not like anyone punched him. On the plus side, at least Olbermann is represented by real lawyers—Patricia Glaser (who did well for Conan!) and litigator Jill Basinger. Among Olbermann's complaints: Olbermann was treated as if he was hired to be a puppet! Not literally, I guess, or this would be a much better read.


Bloomberg Pregnancy Discrimination Suit Thrown Out

The discrimination case brought against Bloomberg LP, by 80+ lady-with-children-type workers, has been dismissed. (Fun footnote: Bloomberg's manner at his deposition was described as "testy and sarcastic.")


How Many Gays Does It Take to Pitch a Baseball?

Oh this is great, great great, the story of the lawsuit brought by the National Center for Lesbian Rights against the North American Gay Amateur Athletic Alliance, hosts of the Gay Softball World Series. I don't even want to summarize and spoil anything for you, but the issue at hand is: how many straight people, if any, can play on a gay sports team? (There are of course a number of sub-issues, including "Are White People Racist" and "Do Bisexuals Exist?" Which, oh God, really people?) Anyway, the phrase GAY TRIBUNAL comes into play.


Time To Get The Led Out… In Court

Earlier this week, the American folk singer Jake Holmes sued Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and the band's associated publishing and record companies over copyright infringement involving the hazy classic-rock staple "Dazed And Confused," which Holmes claims was nicked from him when he opened for Page's pre-Zep band the Yardbirds in 1968. Holmes' take on the song, which appeared on his 1967 debut "The Above Ground Sound" of Jake Holmes, is above; you can hear the Led Zeppelin version below if you're far away from a radio station that gets the Led out on a semi-regular basis.


Dan Rather's Lawsuit Against CBS Tossed

A New York Supreme Court appeals panel has dismissed Dan Rather's $70 million breach-of-contract lawsuit against CBS. The court found his argument that "he could have had more remunerative employment than that which he ultimately obtained at HDNet is unavailing," but, c'mon, the guy works for HDNet. You'd think the facts speak for themselves there.


Who's Afraid Of Marty Singer?

Why do people take Marty Singer seriously? The cage-rattling, form-letter-rewriting Hollywood lawyer spews lawsuits like anxious starlets spew breakfast. Now, in his latest complaint, against Gawker, the New York Times refers to him as "the legendarily pugnacious Mr. Singer." The suit, according to Gawker (we have not read it, and as near as we can tell it has not been published online), asks for damages of $1 million-I know, seriously, what? A whole million dollars? You mean maybe six weeks of Gawker ad income? What a pitiful request!-for their publication of a video which depicted TV actors hanging out in states of undress. I have read and received [...]