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Go Look At Some Baby Sheeps

In the hallowed tradition of Livefeed Of Goats, here is LambCam. When last I checked the sheep were chewing on some grass, but who knows what stunning developments have subsequently transpired? ALSO: I know this week seems like it's going to be a bitch to get through, and that's because it is. Next week is all distraction and staying out late and running around drunk in anticipation of the holidays, and then after that it is clear sailing into 2014. But the five days we're looking at right now are going to be rough sledding. I want to offer you some words of encouragement, but [...]


What Does The Lamb With Five Legs Mean?

A lamb with an extra leg was born on Easter Sunday at a farm in Northumberland, England. Named, "Quinto," the lamb has a fifth leg sticking out of the middle of its chest, between its normal front two legs. For some strange reason, it has taken a full five (5) days for video to reach YouTube, but it is finally here. She's cute! And thriving! The extra leg does not hinder her walking and she has become a tourist attraction. (Though it remains unclear whether or not she was featured in any of the "beastie shows" or bottle-feeding exhibitions the farm offered as part of its "Easter Eggstravaganza.") [...]