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British Thugs Rob Famous Prison Tower

English stabbies are so bored with their usual bedlam that they've begun robbing famous prisons. The Tower of London, the British Empire's beloved historical place to torture its political dissidents, was the target of a bold thief who stole the Tower's keys on Guy Fawkes Night. The keys open not only the locks on the drawbridges, but also the doors to the tourist restaurant and a conference room—perhaps the very conference room where Henry VIII had Anne Boleyn executed in 1536.


Candi Collecting Pallets

I went to get keys made again yesterday, because I'm always running out of keys. As usual in the keymaking process, I tried to go to Home Depot first but they don't do Medeco keys, so I'm always disappointed. Eventually I got to the Ace, where the nice wacky young girl works in the back. Her name is sort of like Candi, so I'll call her that. I decided I was going to get a bunch of keys, three of each. Candi does keys but she doesn't do Medeco keys, but a guy there knows how, even without the stupid card you're supposed to have. "Meehhhdecooo," Candi sighed into the [...]