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Oh My God, I Heard the New Britney Song on the Radio

Oh my God, I heard the new Britney song on the radio. For those of you who do not have radios or did not know there was a new song by Britney Spears that "leaked" yesterday on the Internet (AKA how we release music now), you are living in a world where you have not come face-to-face with the monstrousness of contemporary emptiness. I say this as a person who owns Britney Spears albums! As a person who is resolutely unafraid of "oh baby, look at my butt in da club" music! But if you have previously experienced the work of Ke$ha, you may have guessed what was [...]


The Nine Most Facepalm-Worthy Slogans On T-Shirts And Tattoos Worn By Bamboozle Festival Attendees

9. Girls Don't Poop 8. Gaga Has A Weiner 7. Snookie Is My Homegirl [sic]


Liveblogging The 2010 American Music Awards: Teenage Dreams Of Prom Themes Past

Because nothing makes popular music more fun than typing alongside friends, it's time to do that "liveblogging" thing in honor of the 2010 American Music Awards, which celebrate the most popular of the most popular music that this country has to offer, complete with the sort of pomp that only the most craven enterprises can possess. Join me after the jump for the Black Eyed Peas, Christina Aguilera, Katy (sigh) Perry, the results of allowing 13-year-olds to vote (online) (for their favorite male pop stars), and OMG NEW KIDS AND BACKSTREET BOYS TOGETHER!!


"The Simpsons" Does The 2010 Equivalent Of The Bartman

No, I don't know what the impetus for replacing The Simpsons' theme song with the perpetually disheveled pop star Ke$ha's ode to Autotune and staying out all night "Tik Tok" this week was, either. (Perhaps it was a consolation prize for her losing out on the live-action Smurfs movie's Smurfette role to Katy Perry?) But points for having smooth-voiced criminal Snake Jailbird lip-sync one of the yodel-y bits of the chorus, which just seems so right. [Via]


In Praise Of Pop Stars Who Let Their Mouths, Mascara Run

"Ke$ha is America's new favorite punching bag, the human equivalent of What's Wrong. It's true, her lyrics and bag lady with a Black Card fashion sense are troubling. But sloppy weirdoes who wonder whether we are the aliens on Saturday Night Live are rare and exciting. We should celebrate them."


What Is The Deal With: Ke$ha?

It's official! Singer/co-songwriter Ke$ha is the first Number One Hot 100 artist of the decade with her song "TiK ToK." In fact, she just had the second biggest sales week of all time on iTunes (first biggest by a female artist). But if you're anything like me-even though you pay a decent amount of attention to trivial pop culture things like this-you still have no idea who Ke$ha really is (other than that she brushes her teeth with Jack Daniels). Not to worry: I've done all the research for you. And, upon further review, I think she might be this generation's pre-Federline Britney Spears.