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Hardcore Art Flippers: Taking The Art Market To Its Logical Conclusion

Stefan Simchowitz took collecting and "art advising"—that's helping people choose which art to buy—to where it was always going to go. He has a posse, a gang of 100 (100 men, seemingly), who buy artists (men, seemingly) in bulk when he says go. ("Sean Parker, Steve Tisch, Orlando Bloom, Guy Starkman, Enrique Murciano, and Rob Rankin, who is the head of investment banking at Deutsche Bank worldwide," he told Artspace.) He's a "disruptor" and a "cultural entrepreneur," he believes in "inexpensive channels for art that allow it to get redistributed and redistributed and redistributed with great virality." That means resale. (He was also producer of Requiem for a [...]


Here's Jerry! After 'Work of Art,' Saltz Keeps Chatting: "A Lot of People, of Course, Hate Art Critics"

It's been a week since Bravo's "Work of Art" ended, and art critic and on-air judge Jerry Saltz's final recap of the show for New York magazine's Vulture blog has reached 436 comments. It's rare, in the ADHD world of blog comments, to keep a conversation about any topic going for a full week. But a Bravo reality competition in its first season, whose average viewership across ten episodes was just 1.12 million viewers? A Bravo reality competition whose winner has already been decided? Were you still thinking about Harold Dieterle a week later? (Who? Exactly.)

In his last recap of the show, Jerry suggested that [...]