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Of Mice and Men Must Die

"In research published online April 28 in Nature Methods, the scientists report that the presence of male experimenters produced a stress response in mice and rats equivalent to that caused by restraining the rodents for 15 minutes in a tube or forcing them to swim for three minutes. This stress-induced reaction made mice and rats of both sexes less sensitive to pain. Female experimenters produced no such effects." The senior author of the paper, Jeffrey Mogil, suggests that the "problem is easily solved" but curiously, he doesn't suggest the easiest solution of all, which is to simply ban men.


Are Dolphins Talking About Us Behind Our Backs?

Cool! Dolphins apparently change their clicking and whistle sounds in the presence of other species of dolphins in order to better communicate with each other. Or so indicates the audio research of biologist Laura May-Collado of the University of Puerto Rico, who recorded pods of bottlenose dolphins and Guyana dolphins separately, and then as they came into contact with each other off the coast of Costa Rica. As Dr. May-Collado told BBC Earth News:

"I was surprised by these findings, as I was expecting both species to emphasise, perhaps exaggerate, their species-specific signals. Instead the signals recorded during these encounters became more homogenous. This was a very [...]