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Two-Wheeled Mountain Biking Extravagant, Self-Indulgent, Say German Extreme Mountain Unicyclists

Do you speak German? No? How sad for you. I do. And I have done you the favor of translating the narration of this incredible video of 26-year Lutz Eichholz his friend Stephanie Dietze unicycling in the Dolomite Mountains in northern Italy.

Eicholz: "Attention! I am Lutz Eichholz!"

Dietze: "Unt I am Stephanie Dietze!"

Eicholz: "We are German unicyclists, who have come to Italy to teach our neighbors to our south an important lesson about the value of austerity."


Long Before They Were Nazis, Germans Were Cannibals

"We see patterns on the bones of animals indicating that they have been spit-roasted," said archeologist Bruno Boulestin, of a 7,000-year-old mass burial site discovered near the southern German town of Herxheim. "We have seen some of these same patterns on the human bones."