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Matrix Matrixy

"And the damn thing still holds up…. It’s a mystery in which the object of pursuit is not a priceless antique or the solution to a murder but the human condition. It skips genres with the kind of ease with which its characters leap across buildings. Its heroes turn the hard noir angles of this world into liquid ripples of possibility. Chiaroscuro lighting gives way to blank white fields, cold green clutter and chaos to warm, clear-eyed symmetry. The movie hacks itself."


The Name Of The Actress

I woke suddenly in the middle of the night and, it being far too early to get up, did all the things you do to coax your brain back to bed, i.e. had a series of disconnected thoughts about things, but was caught short when I could not recall the name of an actress who had somehow slipped into the stream of semi-consciousness that I had hoped would lead me back to a state of slumber. Now, I have never seen any of this actress' actual work—not her first film, for which she received an Academy Award nomination and which I had passed on due to a combination of [...]