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The internet of bees can't be any dumber than the Internet we humans have, can it?


Last-Minute Racist Pet Costumes!

We knew there were plenty of racist human costumes for Halloween but we did not know about the animals. BUT, BUT, BUT-THESE DOGS ARE EPISCOPALIAN!


New Kids On The Twitter Block

Two new entrants on Twitter today! Politics oppo research queen Tracy Sefl has arrived, as has aggro New York Times biz reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin, who is already asking if the Times first quarter results would be the same if the paper's website was behind a paywall. Oh this is fun.


Gawker Honcho: "Writers are Successful to the Extent That They Can Sublimate Their Egotism"

Here's Nick Dentons's memo on today's top Gawker story, an anonymous first-person account of a date with politician Christine O'Donnell, celebrating its "brilliant packaging" and other fine qualities. His advice for journalists: "it's better to get out of the way of the pictures."


Top Six Funniest Comments in the 'Idaho Statesman' on the New "Consultancy" Firm Founded by Larry Craig

From the Idaho Statesman, on the occasion of the founding of New West Strategies LLC: 1. "I'm glad he was able to 'tap' into some new business." 2. "Consultation on restrooms?" 3. "'Once you're free of it, you really realize how free you really are,' Craig told the Idaho Falls Post Register. Indeed, Mr.Craig! (Is that 'Dancing Queen' by Abba I hear playing in the background?)" 4. "If Kohler or American Standard ever decide to bring out a line of extra-wide toilets, Larry would be the ideal consultant." 5. "Can't wait to read his book: Family Values – The Republican Way. I'm sure it will be endorsed by [...]


Don't Cry For Me Moldova

Our revolutionary anti-Communist Party student friends in adorable landlocked Moldova are organizing via Twitter, says the delightful Ellen Barry in the Times! Maybe the idiot status-update service is not so bad. Except now they are all just retweeting the article. Noise! Signal! Noise!


Introducing our New Vertical: For Moms Only!

Kidding! This parenting blog gravy train is pretty awesome though. And, thanks to a big article in the LA Times about how they are all product-scarfing prostitutes, the mommy bloggers are all up in arms today. (Most hilarious sentence: "Kraft Foods curried favor with mommy bloggers by bringing some to Los Angeles for the Grilled Cheese Invitational, in an effort to get online parents hungry for cheese.") One mommy-blogger, Christine, quoted in the article-she said "My business is not to bash companies. My business is to create buzz for the products and services we enjoy."-had her husband post a defense on her blog! "Wisk laundry detergent recently invited [...]


Asian Poses Dot Com: Racist? Accurate? I Don't Know?

Today on the Internet: Asian Poses Dot Com is "the definitive guide to Asian poses." 1. It is run by a Chinese guy. 2. It is actually overly-researched to the point where something that seems racist and awkward actually begins to impress you with its internal logic? 3. Also still weird. [via]