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Manic Pixie Dream Mom

If real Manic Pixie Dream Girls existed outside movies and pop culture critiques, eventually, in the course of the male ego stroking to which they owe their being, they’d wind up producing some sons and heirs. Being nubile, impulsive, and brimming with consent is essential to the Manic Pixie dream, so Manic Pixie pregnancy has got to be inevitable. It’s all right. A vital element of male self-obsession has always been the belief that their DNA must abound on the Earth forever and ever. Who better to make this a reality than dream girls already conjured out of male self-obsession?

In maternal form, the trope of the Manic Pixie Dream [...]


Web Magazine Considers: Is Incest Bad?

"There are certainly good reasons to discourage incest." -That's Salon, just really bringing it home in the "What Is The Deal With Gay Twins Having Sex With Each Other On Camera" Department. If you can get past the teaser-"Twincest… What is it?" Um, um, lemme guess, is it… twins having incest?-then many pleasures/horrors await you.


How Tight-Knit And/Or Incestuous Are You, Blogger?

Maybe you saw this New York Times gossip blogger profile? It mentions the "tight-knit – some might say incestuous – New York online-gossip subculture." Well, here's a home quiz: it's the "HOW INCESTUOUS ARE YOU: NEW YORK ONLINE GOSSIP MATCH" game! Print at home, draw a line between each heralded blogger's name, photo and notable scoop!