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Did You Accidentally Fertilize An Egg During Hurricane Sandy, Thereby Bringing About The End Times?

Are you pregnant now, and in your second trimester? Then you are obviously the most selfish human in the world, and your terribleness will bring forth a child of great evil, who will shower devastation upon the country and usher in a new dark era of rising tides and a catastrophe of the climate.

Oh, wait, that was happening anyway? Cause and effect is so COMPLICATED. Sorry, no, your baby is fine! As you were! I'll buy it a nice cashmere blanket that it can barf on.

But apparently people were traipsing up and down stairs with buckets of water, people were watching their kitty cats float away, [...]


The Last of the New Jersey Tomatoes

It's been a rough month. In one small bright spot, there is the fact that, right now, in November, after the hurricane, after the first snow, you can eat a better-tasting tomato than you have eaten all year. (Thanks, global warming.) Over in Park Slope, Scalino on 7th Avenue and 10 Street is still serving up a "Jersey Tomato Salad," but not for long. Go today or within the next week, because the guy who runs the place told me that's as long as he'll have this particularly fantastic batch of tomatoes he gets from a farmer he knows who probably likes Bruce Springsteen.


Good News, There Is No Big Socialist Government, Or Else It Would Be Eagerly Helping Cold Hungry People in New York City, Instead of Ignoring Them

The National Guard is dropping off food and water in the Rockaways at least, if you know where to look. (Some folks there didn't even know that for days.) Come on, people. (via)


So How Do I Get From Newark Airport To Manhattan Tomorrow?

PATH remains suspended due to damage to signal, control and substation equipment in multiple stations.

— PATH Rail System (@PATHTweet) November 5, 2012

Hello, welcome to another edition of The Awl's Business Travel Answer Bag, where we bring you business travel weather on the fives. Today's question is from a gentleman arriving in New York tomorrow via Newark Airport. He asks, "Uhh, where exactly am I supposed to stand, at 6 p.m. tomorrow, and what am I supposed to have, as far as exact change or school vouchers or tickets, in order to board some kind of public transportation or emergency shuttle or maybe one of those [...]


Feist, "Graveyard"

This new Feist video is really good. Directed by Steven Spielberg, it's basically a remake of Schindler's List, with a red butterfly in place of the little girls' coat. No, it's really good. And no, it was not directed by Steven Spielberg. It was directed by Keith Megna. The lyrics of the song are nice to listen to today while we hope that electrical power comes back to lower Manhattan, and hope even harder that New Jersey, which is in worse shape than anywhere, can start what will be a long, tough recovery. Let's hope that benefit helps.


Women Learns How To Operate Old-Fangled Talk-Tube Contraption

"Alison Caporimo, a 24-year-old who lives in Manhattan's East Village, is undaunted by newfangled smartphones and computers. But as for old-fashioned, coin-slot pay phones? The magazine editor had never really trained her Warby Parker eyeglasses on the contraptions. 'I lost a lot of coins,' confesses Ms. Caporimo, who didn't even know how to work a pay phone before Tuesday."


So Now You're Locked Inside Together

School cancelled tomorrow *commits suicide*

— Rumaan Alam (@Rumaan) October 30, 2012

If you're a lucky New York City resident and you live in Brooklyn or north of Penn Station, you have power and TV. If you're unlucky, you don't have power, and everyone is getting petulant. If you're way less lucky, there's a tree through your living room and your basement is full of water, and I'm very sorry to hear that. I hope your cats are okay. Let me know if I can help!

So now we know it'll be "days and days" until there is a subway again. Because it is filled with water [...]


The Storm That Got Me Into College

"The traumatic experience of surviving superstorm Sandy has provided some high-school seniors inspiration for their college-application essays, a task that in the best of times is already stressful."


Relive The Blackout With Fancy Photography And Music

"Seeing lower Manhattan without power was a surreal experience. This is traditionally a city that never sleeps. One in which the lights are always on. One that is always bustling with people. When the lights went out it was wholly different. This piece is meant to capture and relay the feeling of what it was like to walk around the darkened streets of lower Manhattan." [Via]


Newspaper: Manhattanites Refrained from Cannibalism with Large Doses of Food

"A tightening of the waistband hardly counts as a crisis in a region where so many have endured actual devastation…. Still, the extra pounds provided evidence of a disaster-psychology mind-set that took hold during Sandy: in times of crisis, New Yorkers discovered, food fills an emotional need, not just a physical one." —Next time, there will be people eating people. Seems reasonable.


Exactly Where and When to Be Useful in New York City Today

Blue = volunteer locations, green = dropoff locations.

Here's a pretty good summary of volunteer locations for today in and around New York City. From there and other sources, here's where to go.

GOWANUS Volunteers and donations are needed for the Gowanus Houses. Info and schedule here; volunteer sign-up form here.

RED HOOK Report to 402 Van Brunt starting at 10 a.m.

STATEN ISLAND Report to Christian Pentecostal Church, 900 Richmond Rd, corner of Ralph Pl, starting at 9 a.m.

ROCKAWAYS Cars and drivers needed and, it is stressed, people to do labor. Donations report to 443 Beach 54th starting at 8:30 a.m.

EVERYWHERE Report [...]


Chris Christie Will Do Literally Anything, Including Be Nice To Barack Obama, To Get Bruce Springsteen's Approval

Chris Christie's sudden respect for Barack Obama has enraged conservatives and the Romney campaign, but it makes sense when you remember that Chris Christie loves Bruce Springsteen more than anything, and a disaster just hit New Jersey, and Springsteen will obviously do a benefit. But Springsteen, who is such a Famous Democrat that he actually campaigns with Obama, refuses to have anything to do with Christie. What might change Bruce's feelings for the Republican governor of New Jersey? What might make The Boss finally give a little love back to his biggest (!) fan, Chris Christie?

This should do it:

Springsteen To Perform At Sandy Benefit [...]


Brooklyn Smug Reaches New Hideous Heights

"Oh, it's terrible in Manhattan, we can only imagine how awful it must be in Brooklyn," Manhattan people were emailing the night of the storm, before they couldn't really email any more. Yes: most of Brooklyn lost cable TV for about six hours. There were some twigs about on the broad sidewalks too. Although, the DVRs still played! So most Brooklynites didn't notice much of a thing, outside of the devastation of Red Hook and some more localized disasters, except when Brooklyn was blinded by the Ghostbusters-like shooting lights of Manhattan's power transformers exploding.

Now lots of downtown Manhattan hold-outs turned have-nots are refugees in Brooklyn—except for the likes of [...]


Brooklyn's Billion-Dollar Development Dream, Covered in Poop and Mercury

The reason that people make so much out of the rising of the Gowanus canal in Brooklyn is that 1. it is a cesspool of horror and 2. its banks are the most prime site for development in all of Brooklyn: miles of ancient warehouses, trash yards, parking lots and storage, just waiting to be luxury condos. Luxury condos… that will fill up with poop and cadmium every time there's a storm surge. Here's what happened last night, when high tide came. The canal overflooded so much that it drowned the bridges, and the entire block surrounding, turning Bond Street into a river, and beginning to march up to [...]


How To Cook For Between 10 And 250 People After A Disaster And/Or Over The Holiday

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, volunteers have spontaneously organized to help the many, many people whose homes were destroyed or damaged by the storm. Many displaced or electricity-lacking NYC residents are still in need of hot meals. Occupy Sandy has been coordinating deliveries and making some food at their hubs in Brooklyn, but a lot of the food they're distributing is coming from various kitchens in churches and schools and even homes, and some of those volunteers are also finding ways to deliver the food themselves. (Here's what's happening and where to help for Thanksgiving.)

This outpouring of community support gives me a schizoid blend of alternately [...]


You Want a Libertarian for 2016? So How About MTA Honcho Joe Lhota

"@morelikethemoon: G TRAIN IS BACK! @joelhota for President!". HEY CALM DOWN

— Joe Lhota (@JoeLhota) November 7, 2012

On Thursday morning, inside his office, Mr. Lhota checked his BlackBerry often, hoping for an update on the L train. Moments later, he placed a call to Howard B. Glaser, Mr. Cuomo’s director of state operations, whom he wanted to brief on the Queens-Midtown Tunnel.

The tunnel could open Friday, he told Mr. Glaser, remarking that Mr. Bloomberg, “like an idiot,” had predicted publicly that the tunnel might open over the weekend. “He’s making it up,” he said, after a brief hail of profanity in which Mr. [...]


The G Train Is Back! Who Thought We'd Miss That!?

After working around the clock for days and testing systems all night, the first G trains for passengers started rolling at 8:55 am.

— MTA (@MTAInsider) November 7, 2012

Welcome back to New York City, isolated communities of Greenpoint and Fort Greene and Clinton Hill and near-Bed Stuy and South Williamsburg!


Obamacane: Is NBC's Sandy Benefit Really an Obama Commercial?

In just a few hours, most every functioning television screen on the Eastern Seaboard will be showing NBC's new mid-season replacement reality series, Hurricane Sandy: Coming Together. And we aren't the only ones who smell an entire river of dead rats. Fox News, for example, has an interesting take that is mostly "interesting" for its picture of Kanye at the top of the story. (Kanye West isn't scheduled to do the benefit tonight, but he did say something about George W. Bush at another hurricane benefit, seven years ago. And Kanye is also black … much like Obama.)


Bloomberg Magazine: "It's Global Warming, Stupid"

Bloomberg BusinessWeek has a very rude message for those fun people who use "climate change" as a punchline on the campaign trail: Global warming is real, superstorms are but one devastating result, and people who continue to say otherwise are "stupid."

Just to make this science-based rude behavior clear, BusinessWeek editor Josh Tyrangiel had this to say to the world of Twitter:

Our cover story this week may generate controversy, but only among the via @bw

— Josh (@Tyrangiel) November 1, 2012



Plucky Local Financiers Show Can-Do Spirit

"Wall Street turned to Bordeaux, sushi and faxes as Hurricane Sandy wreaked the most havoc in the history of the city’s transit system and closed stock markets on consecutive days for the first time for weather since 1888." One of them even wore jeans to the office!