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How Should We Deal With The Worst Of The Internet?

"We’re bombarded with poorly written and braindead pieces of content that are engineered to go viral for the sake of virality, not to educate and improve the individual or society," wrote "Roosh V" on his blog the other day:

The internet has become a machine to fill gaps in your ego and self-esteem so that you receive the emotional benefits of validation…. The content you read now has moved from being primarily intellectual from the time of the Gutenberg press to primarily emotional. In the past, it was just too expensive to publish something with the intent to piss someone off or to gather lulz. Like with the first [...]


Staples: Where Violence Comes To You

Supplies! "Four men with a seemingly limitless appetite for office supplies have burglarized Staples stores in Manhattan at least seven times this year, the police say."


EMI Reports A Loss of 2.76 BILLION DOLLARS

"Record company EMI has reported an annual pre-tax loss of £1.75bn in the year to 31 March 2009."