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Headline Impeccable

"Horse Lives in House Like a Normal Person," reads a Huffington Post headline. This headline is followed by several pictures of a horse in a house. The story is not bylined, somehow, but I would like whichever intern or spambot or dog owned by Arianna Huffington who wrote it to know: this is a perfect headline for a perfect story. A+++++ would read again.


Subdivision Swastiky

In the tradition of House That Looks Like Hitler, here is Housing Estate Shaped Like Swastika.


House Where Duke Lacrosse Players Did Not Rape Woman Destroyed

It was just a white split-level a stone's throw from dorms on Duke University's East Campus, indistinct from the other worn-down frat pads littered throughout Durham. It had an iron-wrought railing that curved into leafy shapes, and behind that was a door with a metal knocker. The shutters were black and the roof was grey. But what set it apart was its address-a street number that conjured up a remembrance of the salacious accusations, the media frenzy and the turbulent bouts of protest. Today 610 N. Buchanan Road-the center of the Duke Lacrosse scandal that erupted in March 2006-was destroyed.


Let's Get Small

Instead of shelling out on gigantic McMansions, the homebuyers of today are opting for smaller, more manageable spaces and cramming every corner full of expensive crap. I mean, the money still gets spent, don't worry.


This Heinous Hamptons Pool Windmill Can Be Yours For $9.9 Million

Who here thought money could buy you taste? Corcoran's delightful Amagansett offering speaks to the parvenu in us all. But seriously, that's a lot to pay to be the laughing stock of eastern Long Island. At least it's fairly close to the beach? Fun fact: it was on the market two years ago for $10.9 million! The windmill was installed, senselessly, in 2009.


New York, Where Matters of Scale and Cost and John Jacob Astor Become Mangled

I've lived in New York too long, yes? Because I'm looking at this house (built by Stanford White, in Rhinebeck, for John Jacob Astor IV) and I can't figure out why it's so cheap at $12 million.


Your Heart Will Fill With Joy Once You See How This Group Of Homes Resemble A Male Member When Viewed From The Air

Hot on the heels of Housing Estate Shaped Like Swastika comes Housing estate 'looks like a giant penis', which you should not click through to if you are someone who is plagued with feelings of inadequacy.


Man House-proud

You know what? Someday you're going to get old and talk about the stuff in your house with the same intensity you used to talk about art too. It's just part of life. Deal with it.