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The Economics of Plugged Leaks

Mr. Balazs insists on privacy, discouraging cellphone pictures by guests. Employees surrender their phones during working hours and submit to “the most draconian sort of confidentiality agreements,” he said.

A recent breach at Mr. Balazs’s Standard, High Line in New York—the leak of a video of Jay Z and Solange Knowles fighting in an elevator—heightened the need for such measures. Mr. Balazs said that the employee who leaked the video was fired within 24 hours, and that he and Jay Z are considering legal action.

In this age of (slightly) renewed concern for labor issues, one wonders if TMZ's compensation for video footage now takes [...]


Local Lodges Fail To Meet The All-Important "Will Hookers Sleep There" Metric

"Super Bowl suckers are shelling out thousands of dollars to stay in flea-bag New Jersey motels that are so horrifying hookers won’t sleep there."


Hotel Small

Is this the world's smallest hotel? Sure, why the hell not.


Trump SoHo: What Up, Closets?

We have not been paying attention to the Trump SoHo hotel-condominium (WHICH IS BUILT ON A GRAVEYARD), unlike some people who are crazed about it, but I finally looked at the floorplans, because it opens in February? They're terrible! First of all, the non-penthouse condos top out at like 700 square feet, and most are like 450 square feet? But really: if you're going to buy a condo-ized hotel room (which you can only occupy for 120 days a year, max, and, um, no thanks), wouldn't you want an extra closet instead of 1.5 baths? One of the units has a "secure owner's closet," but the rest, [...]


Gross Trendy Hotel Opens In New York City

Now you can spend $200 a night at a New York City hotel that is all dressed up to look like some hipster's dirty dorm room.


Who Will Save the Airbnb Faithful?

In October, New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman issued a subpoena to Airbnb, ordering it to turn data about its 15,000 registered hosts in New York over to the state. While neither Airbnb nor its hosts pay the 15 percent lodging tax that most New York City hotels are subject to—no small part of the reason why startups like Airbnb have been able to "disrupt" the established hospitality industry—the attorney general's primary concern was not the stream of potential tax revenue trickling past the state's coffers. (Airbnb kindly offered to induce its users to pay the tax, which would amount to some $21 million.)

Rather, [...]


Alicia Keys And Maxwell, "Fire We Make"

The new Alicia Keys and Maxwell video is some good, smutty fun. And I really like the song. But it would be better if they didn't cut the scene where John Goodman runs down the hallway with a shotgun screaming "I'll show you the life of the mind!"


Algonquin Hotel Cat To Live On Under Better Branding

We did not notice in this morning's papers the announcement that the Algonquin Hotel is now to be a Marriott. (The cat, you'll be happy to know, will survive the transition.) I could choose to be disturbed by this news but hey, maybe it'll get a good steam-cleaning.


The Further Decline of Union Square: The W Hotel Foreclosure Auction

Beyond the drama of the big numbers, here's a helpful explanation of what happened to the W Union Square Hotel, which had a fun and dramatic foreclosure auction yesterday. (Union Square! Such carnage, all around!) "Basically, Dubai World (or its investment arm, Istithmar) paid $282 million in total for the hotel, and took out a $115 million mortgage. Istithmar put down $50 million of its own money, and borrowed the rest in what's known as a 'mezzanine' transaction: $117 million of high-yielding debt which isn't secured against the property…. Lots of people are extremely worried about commercial real estate at the moment, saying that it's the next shoe [...]


Tavern Assy

Is this the world's weirdest hotel, asks the Telegraph? Normally in these cases the procedure is for me to answer with a simple, "Sure, why the hell not," but I believe today it is time for you to come to your own conclusions. Do bear in mind that the hotel, "designed to resemble a giant human colon… starts with a foot at one end and finishes with a replica of [...]


SoHo Hotel Protects Itself from Man Getting Newspaper

"Are you a cab driver?" "No" "Do you have a room here?" "Yes" Questions posed in the foyer of my new York hotel. #travellingwhileblack

— Gary Younge (@garyyounge) May 3, 2012

Guardian (and Nation) columnist Gary Younge has been in America for a few years now; he currently lives in Chicago, and is staying at the Soho Grand Hotel in New York City.


A PowerPoint Presentation About Airport Hotels


Wacky Hotel Tries "Pay By Age" Special

While New York City hotel room rates are back up in general, the always-odd Gershwin Hotel (half hostel, half hotel) has a new promotion. A promotion that is very beneficial to you if you are very old. Actually there is probably a good chance of lawsuit on this one but we still enjoy it.