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Hipster Still Typing Outdoors

Oh, you remember our friend C. D. Hermelin, who spends the warmer days out-of-doors typing stories on his typewriter, surely? Here is a film about his project.


Is This Money Evil? The Mellow Pages Library Debates An Indecent Proposal From ExxonMobil

Post-publication update, January 9th: According to Roxanne Palmer at the IBT, the founders of the library are certainly lying about this situation. ("The funding scenario the library describes in no way comports with the open and transparent way in which we make charitable and philanthropic donations," an ExxonMobil spokesperson told her.) In our fact-checking email to Mellow Pages Library earlier this week, we wrote: "So, I guess the first appropriate question is: ExxonMobil reached out to you and offered 10x of your donations for your November benefit?" They responded: "The situation is, generally, how you summarized it. Obviously it's a little more complicated than that. We [...]


More Hipsters Spotted Typing Outside

After our pal C. D. Hermelin confessed his love of typing outside in these pages, we were concerned that, as with any crime, copycatting would ensue. Spotted on Second Avenue Bowery last night: this bundled fellow in full pursuit of his art. We were most impressed by the sheer volume of his typewriter. Now what have we done.


The Complete Glossary of Hipster Hallmarks

A "hipster" is "a person who is unusually aware of and interested in new and unconventional patterns (as in jazz or fashion)." Or so says the eleventh edition of Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary. The extent to which that definition is insufficient and unsatisfactory in the modern era boggles the mind. So, naturally, during the past decade lots of people, publications and websites have attempted to fill in the Williamsburg-sized gaps in our understanding by crafting better, more expansive definitions. These efforts often fall short as well. To be fair, devising a comprehensive yet pithy definition is not easy in this case. (Give it a try. It’s like attempting [...]


Finally, an iPhone Game for Fixie-Riding Hipsters

And here is an iPhone/iPad game called Hipster City Cycle, in which you ride your fixie through Philadelphia streets, eating cheesesteaks and being groovy, man. It's like a Farmville for the barely-employed set! But it addresses an important question in gaming now: do we really want to play games that so closely resemble our real lives? (Kidding.)


Letter from Los Angeles: A Conference on Hipsters Was Held

Dear The Awl,

I was going to write an incredible piece detailing the exploits of a controversial "hipster conference" on an esteemed university campus. No other journalist would have the guts to write this because of the potential backlash from the Hipster Media Elite. This event was to be held on neutral territory to prevent "New York media gang violence."

I was going to start by detailing the crowd.


New Video: Girls, "Substance"

You never want to go for the flavor of the month-but I'm predisposed to like current indie-scene hero Christopher Owens of the San Francisco duo Girls because he reminds me of Jason Mewes, who plays the lovable doofus Jay in the Kevin Smith movies. And then the guy can also write these gorgeous melodies and sing all stuffed-up-and-stoned but still so heartbreakingly like he does on this clip of his song "Substance," up at Pitchfork, and-what're you gonna do? I'm all in. Plus, look how charming!


You Won't Believe The Latest Stupid Trend Out Of Brooklyn

"The thick, flowing beards adorning hipsters from Williamsburg to Park Slope are driving follicly-challenged New Yorkers to a little-known but growing field of plastic surgery — facial hair transplants…. [Plastic surgeon Yael Halaas] said an increasing number of 'hip' and 'fashionable' young professionals in their 20s and 30s are seeking the procedure. 'I get a lot of detail-oriented people — artists, architects,' the doctor said, noting that beard-centric neighborhoods such as Williamsburg, Bushwick and Park Slope have each delivered four to five clients to [...]


Gentrifiers Saddened By Wealthy Fruits Of Their Gentrifying Labor

"The hipsters who settled the Brooklyn neighborhood 10 years ago have declared war on rich kids flocking to new luxury digs on their parents’ dime…. "It’s like Neverland over there," a 27-year-old yoga studio owner who has lived in the neighborhood for four years complains about a fancy rental complex. "It’s an adult children playground. They’re all, like, subsidized."


I Am An Object Of Internet Ridicule, Ask Me Anything

I moved to New York City, and I needed to make money. I wasn’t having luck getting a job. It's a common tale.

My solution was to grab my typewriter that I bought at a yard sale for 10 dollars and bring it to a park. I’d write stories for people, on the spot—I wouldn’t set a price. People could pay me whatever they wanted. I knew that I had the gift of writing creatively, very quickly, and my anachronistic typewriter (and explanatory sign) would be enough to catch the eye of passersby. Someone might want something specific; they might just want a story straight from my imagination. I [...]


A Raw Transcript Of My 20 Minutes With '21 Jump Street' Stars Channing Tatum And Jonah Hill

I had too much to drink the night before, but I managed to be early for my appointment at a Washington, DC hotel to talk with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, stars of the Major Motion Picture 21 Jump Street, a rebootery of the successful Fox TV show that launched the careers of Johnny Depp and Richard Grieco. In real life, Mr. Tatum's neck does not appear as disproportionately large as it does on the movie screen, and Mr. Hill appears thinner than when he was on the Oscars broadcast, in which he was a Nominee for Best Supporting Actor. Both gentlemen are very congenial.

Mr. Hill and Mr. Tatum [...]


Hipsters, the 90s and the Fragmentation of the Mainstream

"In the ’90s, when we were afraid of ‘selling out,’ we hated the gatekeepers, the mainstream corporate culture that assimilated and corrupted the underground. Now that the mainstream has fragmented, we see it as just another tool to get our message across, and our animosity has been forced to move on to another bugbear that is, like mass culture, ultimately a version of ourselves: the fake hipster."


Hipster-Geek Has Had It With Insults To Geeks, Hipsters

Geeks v. hipsters: can't we all just stop fighting and learn to enjoy each other's videogames and/or facial hair?


She-Ra Princess of Power is a Hypebeast

I find this hysterical and also potentially lonely in how funny I find it but this German artist named Adrian Riemann drew a "Hipsters of the Universe" series with He-Man characters dipped in downtown, cool guy attire. Now, I know this is so formulaic chic de geeque but this picture of She-Ra has her in April 77 jeans which just about SLAYS ME DEAD, like if Battle Cat was wearing a smock by House of Cassette, wore visvim shoes, and wrote for the Honeyee blog. HILAR!


Hipster Catnip Recipe Revealed

"Look at this place; it’s got everything: a DJ playing Ray Charles, fancy cocktails. It’s like hipster catnip."


Even The Font Usage On The Crowd-Sourced Artisanal Hipster Trading Boat Will Annoy You

Oh boy:

It’s everything that may annoy you about the new Brooklyn.

A barge from Vermont.

A crowd-sourced barge from Vermont.

Arriving in Brooklyn with produce and artisanal goods.

The goal of the Vermont Freight Sail Project is to establish “a zero-emissions food trading network that builds community.” The barge plans to leave with cocoa beans and locally roasted coffee.

They're heeeeeeeere.


Martin Amis Too Bohemian For Brooklyn

Here is a reenactment of novelist Martin Amis getting upset because he has come to view the scene in Brooklyn, where he moved two years ago, as "terribly transactional" and "populated by conventional posers." [Via]


Two Altbro Hipsters on MTV's "I Just Want My Pants Back"

By way of introduction, RJ Cubarrubia and Jon Blistein are two altbros living in Williamsburg. They’re both trying to be music writers. RJ and Jon consider themselves quite culturally aware, but also recognize that their existence is made up of run-of-the-mill hipster clichés—hipster clichés which are now reaching larger audiences thanks to things like Bon Iver, Wes Anderson flicks, Honda commercials with Vampire Weekend, the term “buzz band,” etc. Some of this has been good; other stuff… well. Now there’s MTV’s "I Just Want My Pants Back," a show about four attractive post-grads living in Williamsburg, rife with pop-culture references and a hipster soundtrack. As solid members of the target [...]


Being a Hipster Is an Excellent and Wonderful Thing!

"It took me a little while to understand how much nastiness people generally intended when they used the word hipster. It just sounds sort of attractive to me, a hipster. I thought yeah, I guess that is sort of my culture. Those are my people and I was just about able to go on thinking that it was a perfectly nice thing to be until someone pointed out to me or it finally sank in that it was meant contemptuously and I really I'm not sure I accept the premise that I think it's a self-loathing term and I've come to be very alert to this self-loathing propensity [...]


The Difficulty of Understanding Hipsters

"I moved to the United States five years ago, feeling very confident about my English vocabulary, only to find that my meager repertoire of cultural references made lively communication with other students difficult. The word that gave me the most trouble was "hipster"-my fellow freshman used it frequently, and my inability to understand it made me feel horribly foreign. I eventually asked a local outcast (the inevitable companion of the foreign student on first days of school everywhere) to explain the concept to me. He said that hipsters never admitted to being hipsters, but that they could easily be identified by their tight uniform and hatred of everything and [...]