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So Long As Adults Remain Willing To Buy Booze For Desperate Teens This Country Is Still Okay

Here is a hidden camera investigation focused on suburban New Jersey adults purchasing alcohol for actors posing as thirsty teenagers. It is hard-hitting exposes like this one that Edward R. Murrow had in mind when he invented broadcast journalism in 1948.


The Hidden Cameras, "Gay Goth Scene"

CHOIRE: A new Hidden Cameras video!

BALK: I was just looking at that. I need to listen all the way through to see if pee-drinking is mentioned

CHOIRE: So far I give it two wtfs out of three.

CHOIRE: Okay, it's Bronski Beat for the Arcade Fire generation, I can get down with that.

BALK: Ugh I no like when it switches at a minute and a half in.

CHOIRE: Well, at least they kind of made a song.

BALK: I guess I should give up on hoping for another "Music Is My Boyfriend."

CHOIRE: sigh yeah