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Jim James, "A New Life"

The dancing woman in this lovely new video from Louisvillian troubadour Jim James (a.k.a. "Yim Yames," also of My Morning Jacket and The Monsters of Folk) is a lot like this guy in this picture taken by Romanian photographer Alecsandra Dragoi—one of the many excellent photographs cited by the recent Sony World Photography Awards. (Trigger warning: Bear lovers may find that image upsetting.) If you have not yet checked out this year's crop, you should. Bounteous desktop backdrop material.


Heads Swelling

Much like our asses, our heads are getting bigger, says a study that focuses on white people.


Rubbish Bin Head Man Had Dropped Hat In There

Remember the fella from yesterday who got his head stuck in a trash can? Turns out he was trying to retrieve his hat.


Bullet Finally Victorious

"The man who holds the Guinness World Record for living the longest with a bullet in his head has died in Central California at age 103."


Here Is A Cautionary Illustration Of Why You Should Not Stick Your Head In A Trash Can

"A hapless pedestrian had to be rescued by the emergency services after getting his head trapped in a rubbish bin." There is indeed a photo.