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Summer Trend Consecrated

Phrosties, the potent alco-slushies that New Yorkers in certain neighborhoods can order from an anonymous Instagram account, had nearly run their course. They had been covered by every outlet that might possibly have an interest in sweet icy rotgut. With thousands of followers, the drink had reached what seemed like a supply and attention plateau: Popular enough to earn a place in urban drunk legend, but small enough to remain proprietary. And then: A company hawking a boozy Slushie over social media should have to prove it’s not selling to kids if it wants to stay in business, Sen. Charles Schumer said Monday. “A 12-year-old can probably buy [...]


Clock Change Hurts Heads

If you start having headaches over the next couple of days—intense, painful headaches that happen at the same time each day and feel like there is a remarkably tenacious creature inside of your head who is armed only with a sharp metal implement and a desperate desire to escape—blame the end of daylight saving time.


What Is Causing Your Headache?

"The National Headache Foundation suggests patients might want to limit their intake of tyramine, a chemical that occurs naturally in certain foods, to help control headaches. Here are some foods containing tyramine or other substances believed to be headache triggers:" [SPOILER: anything GOOD.]