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On Lena, On Rihanna, On Kimye: The Very Necessary Death Of "Vogue"

The idea that there is an appropriate subject for a Vogue cover is a concept that Vogue invented. The years and years of white, able-bodied, skinny and young models and actresses have trained us to instinctively notice what is and isn't Vogue. There is the occasional diversion if the Academy Awards/Grammys/culture demands; but often when Vogue puts aside its insistence that only one kind of beauty exists in order to recognize a different kind of beauty, they do something worse, like the LeBron James cover with Gisele, which was maybe not an overtly racist decision, but certainly an editorial decision that reflected implicitly racist beliefs about the way a [...]


Hashtag Discussed

Schumer: "we're working with the White House on a hash tag" #justvote vs #letstalk

— Suzy Khimm (@SuzyKhimm) October 3, 2013

Somehow it is not even Friday yet.


Hashtags Aren't Easy But They're Necessary

#1 dong, ma! RT @GMA Good morning, @onedirection! #1DonGMA

— Slade Sohmer (@SladeHV) November 26, 2013

It truly is a great time for marketing.


Hashtag Freighted

"A hashtag is the Greek chorus of the Internet. It tells everyone what the theme is, but it doesn’t do it very well. It’s the laugh-track-gone-concerned on an ‘80s sitcom’s Very Special Episode—that hushed 'ooh'when something bad (yet solvable!) is about to happen. It’s what you mutter to someone in line next to you—who’s not listening. It’s lazy writing. It’s tell, don’t show. It’s a group of backup singers, lip-syncing."


A #WhiteBoyWednesday FAQ

#WhiteBoyWednesday—a thing that happens on Twitter!—brings many questions. How can you best enjoy white boys on Wednesday? We investigated.

Can you pander and post selfies?

@Swirlovin #WhiteBoyWednesday #TeamBlackGirls

— Richie The C. (@JukeNuke_em) October 23, 2013


Actually… probably yes.

I always check out the white guys that hash tag #TeamBlackGirls on #WhiteBoyWednesday to see if they are attractive .

— LEGNA (@teamANGEL_) October 23, 2013

Should you troll black men on #WhiteBoyWednesday?

It's Wednesday so it's only right!! #WBW #WhiteBoyWednesday #InterracialLove #SwirlLovin

— Swirl Love (@SwirLove) October 23, 2013



Animal Slideshow Emporium Declares Hashtags Over

"Hashtags, as we’ve come to know them, will linger for some time. Twitter still sells them to advertisers, and there are multiple reports that Facebook is planning to bring them onto its social network in the coming months. And yet it’s becoming easier by the day to imagine a world without the octothorp. Some hashtag Twitter searches — see below — now turn up not just matching tags but untagged keywords, suggesting that even Twitter’s uses for the hashtag are decreasing." R.I.P, hashtag. You were too beautiful for this world.