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How I Got My iPhone to Finally Let Me Swear

I was on vacation last week (while apparently you all fell for some app that just sent the word "yo" to each other, and also all suddenly became soccer fans? Great work!) and I took the opportunity to handle all those little annoying tasks that you never get to. For instance: iPhone autocorrect is the most horrible thing in the world. For years, my phone has been typing "ducxking" for me when clearly I intend to type… not that. It's easy to fix!

Go to Settings.

Go to General.

Scroll down for Keyboard.

Hit Shortcuts.

There you can add a "shortcut" but that is actually a dictionary of [...]


Insane FDNY Brawl Takes Place After Dinner at Unattractive Restaurant

"Walk in the door and you are transported to another place and time… Ambiance? Hmm… the lack of ambiance is the ambiance, but in a good way," begins a review of Two Toms restaurant in Brooklyn. After a dinner there, on Friday night, two dozen firefighters, out for their annual dinner, beat four civilians to a pulp because one of the civilians spilled a drink. This was at The Salty Dog ("I love when vehicles are indoors, hence the half of firetruck that is inside.") Other reviews suggest that Two Tom's is not a good date restaurant. "The only thing is the neighborhood can seem sketchy [...]


War Reporting For Bloody Dummies

Recently I saw the journalist Clare Morgana Gillis, and asked her about her war reporting. "If you want to know a bunch of stuff about my background and whatever you can Google it," she said. She is tall and intimidating, was wearing wraparound sunglasses at the time, and seemed to be doing her best to look everywhere but at me. As it happened, I had some clue about her background; a few people had pointed her out to me, saying, quietly, that she had undergone something unusual.

Just a couple years ago, Gillis made her first trips to combat zones. Already in her mid-30s, she held a doctorate in early [...]


How To Dispose of Dead Pets in New York City

Did you know that if you call New York City's 311 line because your pet is dead, they will tell you that you can "place the animal in a trash bag clearly marked 'dead dog' or 'dead cat' out with your garbage on your normal trash pickup day"? Good to know!


Saul Alinsky's Lesser Known Rules for Radicals

Rule 23: Always separate your cause buttons for easier reading.

Rule 24: Layer for warmth.

Rule 25: "Birth of a Nation" is a great pre-action psych-up film no matter the political faction.

Rule 26: Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer, you're in the clear. Also, vomit is an acceptable protest projectile.

Rule 27: Ridicule is the most potent weapon you can use as a commenter on Brooklyn Vegan.

Rule 28: By substituting a Panera Bread's® Half Smoked Turkey Breast Sandwich on Country Miche with Steak Chili for full Frontega Chicken® Panini on Focaccia, you'll save 370 calories.