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It Seems Impossible, But The Internet Is About To Get Much More Annoying

"You may know what a gigantic pain in the ass it is to take a YouTube video and turn it into a passable GIF to share online. Well, you are going to fall in love with, and then want to to marry, and have children with, and grow old with From YouTube link into GIF in three easy steps."


"This GIF Tumblr blog is bringing back the art of rotoscoping"

"This GIF Tumblr blog is bringing back the art of rotoscoping"


The History Of The Animated GIF

Do you have seven minutes to watch a video about the birth of the animated GIF? I ask because I have no idea what your schedule is like today. If you do, here you go. Related: Is it really pronounced "jiff"? Because if so I have been embarrassing myself for years now.


City Gentrifies

"Gentrification is a loaded, emotionally fraught fact of urban life that's had a dramatic impact in neighborhoods across New York City," and you can watch it happen here in GIF form.


The "Best" Internet Pictures of the Quitter Pope

When this Ratzinger character first became the pope in 2005, it finally seemed like there really was a God … and He obviously loved all the funny pictures and animated GIFs and Star Wars references and constant talk about Hitler on the Internet. Joseph Ratzinger was many things, none of them good, yet paradoxically he was also so very, very good for the Internet. In a way, he was the Internet in human form, much as Jesus Christ or Shiva or Thor were all supposedly God in human form.

Anyway, such great material! We're all going to miss him very much. Sadly, the next pope ("The Last Pope," according [...]


“All the News That's Fit to Gif”

Here, you really, really need this brand new web thing!


Tumblr Unveils New "Cockshots For All" Initiative

There you go. Thanks, Yahoo! Flip on that webcam and do whatever you think is appropriate.


Aaaahhhh, Reblorg

When you are launching some weird new Tumblr about mind-melting gifs, definitely you should always hire the Taiwanese animators at Next Media to make a bizarre preview video for you. No, what is Reblorg really? It's for fun things you've made: "Our submission rules are simple: you must have made it, and it must be new."