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Incredible Public Spectacle Not Any Kind of Ad for Any Brand At All

"There is no why."

Photo by micantgoz


Pope Not Sorry About Holocaust

Joseph Alois Ratzinger-also known as "Joey The Hat," "Benny 10-6," and "The Pope"-is facing criticism from Israelis who are bothered by a speech he gave yesterday at Yad Vashem, the country's national Holocaust memorial. The Israelis are upset that the Pope did not apologize for the Catholic Church's role during the genocide.

"Something was missing," said Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau. "There was no mention of the Germans or the Nazis who participated in the butchery, nor a word of regret. If not an apology, then an expression of remorse."


German Murder-Snap Hero Tourist Only Still Anonymous Because He Resembles All German Tourists

Yesterday's post office stabbing-yes, we had one of those! In which a boy from Avenue D who loved pigs got stabbed either randomly or less so on the steps of the giant post office that will never become Penn Station-was documented by an apparently philatelically-inclined German tourist. This tourist begged for anonymity from the papers (as he now realizes when you stick your neck out in New York, we stab that neck). But New York Post photog G. N. Miller was there to snap Herr Dolph Himmlerstein, or whatever his real German name is, for posterity. (Psst: He's the white one!) Thanks, Posties! Now, Internet: please identify this [...]