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How to Plagiarize a Fart Joke

There is yet another plagiarism scandal afoot. I declare it a silly one, and therefore predict that what I am writing here will raise a mini-foofaraw in journalistic circles. It may well get me targeted by the same journalism Internet sleuths who broke this “scandal,” and they might comb my oeuvre trying to prove that I am a plagiarist myself, which might explain why I am daring to question the agreed-upon level of public tsk-ing, using the agreed-upon hair-trigger definition of what constitutes theft in our a shabby new world of frantic Internet journalism that, in its very DNA, happens to encourage and reward theft.

To make A Point [...]


That Story That We Don't Talk About Gets a Pulitzer

The story that we do not mention under any circumstances has won a Pulitzer Prize-Gene Weingarten's second in three years. (So he had a so-so '09, so sue him!)


'Hooray' For Workplace Violence!

The wonderful Gene Weingarten weighs in on the recent fisticuffs at the Washington Post style desk. (In case you hadn't heard, an editor and a reporter came to blows over a story.) He gives it a "hooray"-that people still care enough to brawl. He's right-just think about the end of Giant, when the dinosaur daddy of the family starts brawling with a racist on behalf of ill-treated Mexicans. Yes! "Newsrooms used to be places filled with interesting eccentrics driven by unreasonable passions-a situation thought of as 'creative tension' and often encouraged by management in eras when profits were high and arrogance was seen not as a flaw but a [...]