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What "Real Life" Means On Wikipedia

The title of the Wikipedia entry for "Real life" differs from its disambiguation page "Real Life" through the absence of one capital letter. But while the "Real Life" (upper case) page will lead you to many films and books and songs of that name, the "Real life" entry affirms, alas, that there is only one real life. "Real life." The topic is abstract, speculative, and possibly even redundant. (Since when, after all, was life ever un-real?) Still, as the extensive entry for "In Real Life" shows us, we have more sure things to say about reality television than we do about "real life." Turn [...]


Nerds Flip Out Over 'Star Wars' Walker Dog Fantasy Video

People are totally freaking out over this video, of a Star Wars toy living as a dog. It really is incredibly well done! But fellow dog-haters may not enjoy it as much.


How Awesome Would It Be to Have The RZA as Your Dad?

Self-professed recovering video-game addict the RZA (a.k.a. Prince Rakeem, The Abbot, Bobby Digital, Bobby Steels, the RZArector, Ruler Zig-zag-zig Allah, etc.) tells his sons, "If it was up to me… You wanna make me happy? Four hours of video games a day is enough."


When Exactly Did It Get Cool To Be A Geek?

In the final episode of "Freaks and Geeks," the Freaks group leader Daniel Desario accepts an invitation to play Dungeons & Dragons with the notoriously geeky A/V club. Surprised by Daniel’s warm receptivity to the game, the Geeks wonders what this means for their future status. As Bill puts it: "Does him wanting to play with us again mean he's turning into a geek or we're turning into cool guys?" Sam answers, "I'm going to go for us becoming cool guys." It's a nice ambiguous note on which to end the show.

Outside the universe of "Freaks and Geeks," a similar drift has occurred. Geekiness has accrued cachet, and [...]


The Great RSS Debate Rages in Nerddom

A lot of nerds are talking about RSS feeds right now (okay, non-nerds: sites that you like visiting can be delivered to a single place, all together-one that is either browser-based, like Google Reader, or application-based, where you open it up and all your websites are just hangin' out there) and whether they should be "full" or "truncated." Recently, one rather large blog site called Gawker moved from a full RSS feed to a truncated one, and this is very upsetting to these people who care about such things and I love watching them rumble. (One person predicts that such a change has to do with cleaning up [...]


Hipster-Geek Has Had It With Insults To Geeks, Hipsters

Geeks v. hipsters: can't we all just stop fighting and learn to enjoy each other's videogames and/or facial hair?


The End of the 00s: When the Geeks Took Over, by John Sellers

"I am really glad that digital video cameras and file sharing didn't exist in 1985."

Like everybody else, this was my initial reaction the first time I watched the Star Wars Kid video, those 108 cringe-worthy seconds of 14-year-old Canadian student Ghyslain Raza wielding a golf ball retriever as though it were a double-sided lightsaber, which gets my unsolicited vote as the definitive pop-culture moment of the 2000s.