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Plant Sensational

Q: "Will Camu Camu Be The Next Amazonian 'It' Fruit?."

A: Eh.


Hybrid Fruit Will Kill Us All

"For 50 years, the Zaiger family has been striving for a perfect piece of fruit: juicy like a plum, but not as messy. Sweeter, too, with a cherry snap. The Zaigers own Zaiger's Inc. Genetics in Modesto, Calif., one of country's few commercial fruit breeders specializing in hybrid fruits. Next month, they will decide whether to grant any of the farmers who tasted their pluerry, named for its mix of plum and cherry, at a sampling last week the exclusive rights to grow the new fruit and sell it to supermarkets across the country. Hybrid fruit is a potentially lucrative, and delicious, market. Fruit growers are motivated by the [...]


I Just Ate Fruit for the First Time and It Kind of Sucked

People drop things on the Internet and run all the time. So we have to ask. In this edition, writer and editor Joe Veix tells us more about what it was like to have lived 26 years without eating any fruit.

I'm 26 and have never eaten fruit, AMA!

— Joe Veix (@joeveix) April 24, 2014

Joe! So what happened here?

It’s true, I’ve never eaten fruit. I’ve had avocados and tomatoes, but I’ve been told those “don’t count.” I’ve also never had juice, though I do drink red wine. That’s technically juice, right? 

To be clear, I’m not just being picky. [...]


Wocka Wocka Plumcot Yogurt Cake

It's time for summer cakes! The cakes of summer, much like the boys of summer, aren't that filling but are fruity and they live at your house for a week until you're finally sick of them and then they get chopped up and put in trash bags. So named for the sound of Pacman, the Wocka Wocka Plumcot Yogurt Cake is verrrrryyyy loosely adapted from a plum cake by Nigel Slater. This is my standard summer cake, and it's fantastic, if I do say so myself. I would know, I'm eating it right now. There's just 12 easy steps!

1. Take butter out of fridge so it gets warm. [...]


Fruit Bowl Makes Sure You Exceed Recommended Daily Allowance Of Pressure And Aggravation

You know, I already have enough people in my life hassling me to get my shit together, I don't need a fruit bowl on my ass to boot.


The Yield Curve Explained (Includes Blowjobs)

Yesterday Bloomberg's Caroline Baum wrote a column on the yield curve, which she claims is the best economic indicator available. Or at least that's what I think she said; although she took great care to explain it, my brain goes into automatic lockdown once anything more complicated than division is discussed. I appealed to the wise folk of the Internet to help sort it out for me, ideally using phrases like, "Let's say you have two apples," or "The yield curve is like a bowl of fruit." Reuters' Felix Salmon kindly obliged, going so far as to use those examples. It started to make sense! Then [...]