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What Sound Does The Weirdass Frog Make?

The pignose frog, also known as the Indian purple frog, is one of the weirdest-looking frogs on the planet. It looks like a frog supervillain. It looks like a New York financial industry fatcat grown soft on the blood of the poor—but only on the outside, as its eyes and mind remain hard and cold and shrewd. It looks like Danny DeVito could play it in a movie without unduly taxing the makeup artist. It looks like what you would imagine Karl Rove would look like if your only knowledge of Karl Rove came from the descriptions of others. And it's purple. What kind of animal is purple? Not [...]


Science Finally Solves Riddle of Putting Eyeball On Tadpole's Tail

"If someone shouts 'look behind you,' tadpoles in Michael Levin’s laboratory may be ready. The tadpoles can see out of eyes growing from their tails, even though the organs aren’t directly wired to the animals’ brains." —If a scientist offers to put an eye in your butt, and you're a tadpole, then it's probably legit.

Photo by D. Blackiston and M. Levin/Tufts University.


Frog Wins!


The Armored, Possibly Dinosaur-Eating "Devil Frog"

Hello, class, and welcome to Today In Frogs. Today's frog is called the Devil Frog, by scientists, for real. Above you will find an artist's rendering of it eating a dinosaur (?) (!).

The Devil Frog, Beelzebufo ampinga, lived about 70 million years ago in Gondwana (fossils are now found mostly in Madagascar). Back in 2008, some scientists decided it was the biggest frog that ever lived, the size of a "squashed beach ball," which apparently is about 16 inches long, and that it probably ate baby dinosaurs. An artist promptly drew that picture of a frog eating a dinosaur, thank you artist.


Frog Rubs Off On You

"When we finally caught the first individuals by hand, we noticed that it dyes one's fingers yellow when it is handled. The scientific name (Diasporus citrinobapheus) of this new frog refers to this characteristic and means yellow dyer rainfrog." —Scientists. So literal-minded. Anyway, NEW FROG!


Their Nobel for Graphene Today, Your Products Tomorrow

This picture is not chicken wire or a tesselation or a patchwork quilt or a cross-section of a honeycomb-amazing how many things are linked hexagons-but a material called graphene, which is just plain old pencil-lead graphite sliced thin, sliced as thin as you could imagine thin could be. It's thin enough that electricity flows through it effortlessly. It's thin enough to see through. It's one atom thin. Those atoms are carbon and their little arms hold tight and so in spite of being thin, it's also flexible and strong. Its possible applications are making the technoratiat fall all over itself with joy and lust. It just won its [...]


Jurassic Park Frog Monster Vomits Up Babies

Mad scientists have recreated an extinct frog known for puking up its own babies, hooray for science! The gastric-brooding frog, or Rheobatrachus silus, is described by the Daily Mail as being "long extinct" because the last one died in … 1983. That was a long time ago! Luckily, early forms of refrigeration existed in 1983, so one of the last of these extinct frogs was kept in a freezer all this time.

'We are watching Lazarus arise from the dead, step by exciting step,' said Mike Archer, a professor at the University of New South Wales and the leader of the Lazarus Project team. 'We’ve reactivated dead cells into [...]


Bronx Frog Croaks Differently

"[R]esearchers have found that a population of leopard frogs that make their home in the New York City area are probably a newly discovered species… [T]he leopard frogs in the region were noted as having a croak that was quite distinct from those of the two species that inhabit the northern and southern parts of the East Coast…. The researchers suggest that their range is probably centered on Yankee Stadium."