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Dizzy Canadians Don't Even Know What Kind Of Adorable Tiny Animal They're Bottle-Feeding

"Originally they thought it was a dog, but it wasn't a dog."


Fox Larcenous

"A fully-grown man has told how he was mugged by a fox, which cornered him and forced him into handing over his dinner."


Dog Kills Man

"Vivienne Parry, a former presenter of Tomorrow's World, suggested a cancer that starts in foxes but can be transmitted to humans. Dogs, she suggested, would cease to be man's best friend and instead become man's worst enemy because the cancer would be transmitted through them. Foxes would bite the dogs, transmitting the cancer to them, and they would bite their human owners. She said that were all dogs to be destroyed as soon as people realised they were passing on an untreatable cancer the end of the world for humans could be postponed. But she suspects man's love of his canine companions would seal his fate because putting down [...]


Knifecrime Island Fox Hunt Hoax

To Knifecrime Island, where the media is hungry for any kind of sensation: "It was the internet video that sparked a media outcry: grainy footage that seemed to show four masked men drugging a fox and later beating it to death with cricket bats in a London park that was posted on YouTube and Facebook earlier this week. But the Guardian can reveal that the new sport of 'urban fox hunting' was an elaborate hoax. The film-makers, Chris Atkins and Johnny Howorth, said no real foxes were harmed in the film, which was intended as a satirical swipe at what they believe is media hysteria over the danger of [...]


Foxheads Stalk This Land

Those residents of Britain who are somehow able to avoid being stabbed to death will instead be eaten by foxes, who are "taking over" that benighted island.


Fierce Fox Finishes Fifteen Finnish Flamingos

Come on, flamingos! If a tiny little vole can fight off a big coyote, and four chickens (chickens!) can kill a canine invader, surely fifteen of you should be able to defend your own turf. But apparently not. "The paw marks are very clear-it was a wild fox," said Jukka Salo, director of Finland's Helsinki Zoo, where an entire flock of fifteen pink flamingos were slaughtered after the hungry animal climbed over the fence earlier this week. "When it got in, it acted just as if it were in a hen house, killing and creating mayhem."

The video above explains something, I guess: These gawky birds [...]