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CNN Executives Carefully Reviewing Reader Submission From Atheist Mom

Look at this headline, if your faith is strong enough: "Why I Raise My Children Without God." Whoa, what is going on at Did someone forget that CNN's job is to protect God from weird blog posts by random moms in Texas? What if a child finds out there's no God? Oh don't worry, we're pretty sure Newtown took care of that, for the current generation of five-year-olds. And now our children supposedly shouldn't be narcissists? Is that even American, to not think the entire world and also an All-Powerful Deity exists solely to get you certain presents and make you a rapper on reality television someday?


David Is A Good Kid And We Like To Throw Him A Bone Every Now And Then

There sure were a lot of stars on 30 Rock last night! Adam Levine, some Beastie Boys, Clay Aiken, Cyndi Lauper, Elvis Costello, Mary J. Blige, Michael McDonald, Moby, Norah Jones, Rachael Yamagata, Robert Randolph, Sarah Bareilles, Sheryl Crow, Wyclef Jean… heck, probably more! [INTERNAL NOTE: Okay, HAPPY NOW CHO?] It was a good episode!


Drake raps!

I never thought I'd say this, but the dude who played Jimmy on Degrassi spits just like Lil Wayne.