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The Content at the End of the World

Photographer QT Luong on shooting the Yosemite fires, which are still burning: I heard of the fire on Twitter and saw a few dramatic photos on Monday morning. Some very extensive forest fires had been burning at the periphery of the park over the past couple years, but this time it happened in scenic the heart of the park, next to Yosemite’s icon, Half-Dome. After picking up my kids from school on Monday, I drove to Yosemite…

Watching the destruction of some of the forests where I had backpacked brought some sadness, although I knew that nature would eventually recover. Although I missed the most spectacular night, I [...]


"Israel's Katrina"

Hezbollah and Jeffrey Goldberg ended up on similar pages regarding the giant forest fire in Israel, which killed 41 at last count as well as 5 million trees. "This fire revealed sheer helplessness on Israel's part," wrote a columnist in Palestine—and others came to this position with a little more glee. Meanwhile, stateside, the Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg had this to say: "Israel's per capita GDP is nearly $30,000. Israel is a rich country. The fact that it doesn't possess adequate firefighting equipment is its own fault."


This Time It's Jersey's Fault That Brooklyn Smells

Due to a brush fire in the Wharton State Park in New Jersey, residents in Staten Island & Brooklyn may smell smoke.

— NYC OEM – Notify NYC (@NotifyNYC) April 7, 2014

"The smell of smoke wafted over New York City early Monday after a brush fire broke out in a state forest in central New Jersey, authorities say. The city’s Office of Emergency Management tweeted that people in Staten Island and Brooklyn might smell smoke from a forest fire burning along 30 acres of land in Wharton State Forest, a large preserve northwest of Atlantic City. The forest is about 90 miles south [...]


Indulge Your Hatred Of Christmas Here

It lacks the full-throttle action of Turkey Fire, their previous entry in the series, but State Farm's Christmas Blaze is actually kind of soothing. It's like a "Yule Log" for people who can't stand the season. And pyromaniacs. Enjoy.