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Fire Bugs

This August, a garage in Old Monroe, Missouri burst into flames. There had been more than a dozen similar fires over the past year, a suspiciously high number for a town with a population of 265. When police reviewed security footage, they spotted a white Chevrolet Lumina parked outside the building minutes before it caught fire. They traced the car back to local volunteer firefighter Dustin Grigsby, the 19-year-old son of a fire district captain. Grigsby told police that he set the fires because he "needed a release."

Every year, something like 100 firefighters are arrested for arson-related crimes. In one year, 1994, South Carolina alone charged [...]


"Men compete to be in 2013 Firefighters Calendar"

A local paper presents a photogallery headlined "Men compete to be in 2013 Firefighters Calendar." (I personally would have gone with "Shirtless firefighters compete to be in calendar," but headlines are an art, not a science, am I right?) Anyway, do with it what you will. Pretty good stuff. Also this woman is awesomely hilarious.


Define "Hostile Work Environment"

"Smart said she was introduced on her first day of training as 'the chick who is doing this as a hobby and doesn’t need to work due to her husband’s financial situation.' Smart said colleagues accused her of having affairs with other firefighters and refused to work with her because she was a woman. She said a male co-worker walked in on her in the shower in 2007, and when she requested a lock on the bathroom door her supervisor gave her a broom handle with 'Smart Wedge' written on it. Smart also said she once found a missing bathing suit stained with semen and stashed in a locker." —[...]