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Roseanne v. Jamaica Kincaid, Round 403

@motherjones she's actually a repugnant classist who quit the NEW YORKER in protest whn I ws invited 2 guest edit it-confusd me/ TVcharacter

— Roseanne Barr (@TheRealRoseanne) February 3, 2013

Among the top ten feuds that will always be entertaining to me: Roseanne Barr v. Jamaica Kincaid.


It's Fight Time

Memorial Day, the unofficial beginning of summer, is on Monday, so we asked some folks to publish on that topic throughout the week. This is: Here Comes Summer!

It was summer, friends, when I was punched in the face by a complete stranger in Times Square. Summer, when a nice middle-aged lady from whom I apparently stole a much-coveted seat on the N train called me a "wretched little bitch" under her breath for several stops. Summer, when a man stole a cab from my mother and I responded, after a failed attempt to point out that we had been the ones to flag it and open its [...]


Is Facebook Devaluing Words?

Are you worried about "the linguistic semantic detritus of our particular phase of oligarchical consumerism"? Because you probably should be.


Insane Mark Danner v. George Packer 'NYTBR' Catfight Ahoy!

To be published Sunday: a literary throw-down of unparalleled proportions. How great! A couple of weeks ago, George Packer reviewed for the Times Mark Danner's Stripping Bare the Body, a book that explores violence and war from Haiti to the Balkans to Iraq. This review did not do much for Danner. Hence, this coming Sunday, there is an enormous, enormous letter of complaint-it takes up more than a full page-and as well a not-terribly-brief rejoinder from Packer. We have some advance to show you!


Our Well-Paid Public Intellectuals Do It In Public (When Not At Davos)

Jeff Jarvis' Public Parts, released September 27th and currently 12,098 in "books" on Amazon, has come under review by Evgeny Morozov. It is a rather singularly vicious review. From early on: "Why are we so obsessed with privacy? Jarvis blames rapacious privacy advocates—'there is money to be made in privacy'—who are paid to mislead the 'netizens,' that amorphous elite of cosmopolitan Internet users whom Jarvis regularly volunteers to represent in Davos. On Jarvis’s scale of evil, privacy advocates fall between Qaddafi’s African mercenaries and greedy investment bankers. All they do is 'howl, cry foul, sharpen arrows, get angry, get rankled, are incredulous, are concerned, watch, and fret.' [...]


Hacks Break Up Perfectly Good Altercation

Talk about the death of journalism all you want; so long as Fox reporters doing stories on the price of taxi medallions and "Entertainment Tonight" journos covering the David Letterman affair are pounding the pavement, the fate of newsgathering is going to be just fine.