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Who's Looking Out For Jasper Johns?

Two decades ago, Martin Lang paid £100,000 for what he thought was a painting by Marc Chagall—a reclining nude, dated 1909-10. Recently, at his son’s behest, Lang submitted the painting to the producers of the BBC art program "Fake or Fortune?" Unfortunately for Lang, "Fake or Fortune"'s analysis came up fake: it showed that the painting's blues and greens used pigments only developed in the 1930s.

Upon this discovery, Lang was issued a writ by the Chagall Committee—based in Paris and headed by Chagall's two granddaughters—which is the only body with the authority to declare the authenticity of a Chagall. Now that Lang's painting has been shown to [...]


Acid Hoaxer Sure Tried To Push A Lot Of Buttons During Her Fake-Out

Bethany Storro, the self-proclaimed "nice girl" from Vancouver, Wash., who claimed that she was accosted by a woman who called her "pretty girl" and offered her a drink — then threw a cup full of acid in her face, resulting in fairly severe chemical burns on her face and neck — has admitted that she made up the whole thing. "In many ways this is something that just got bigger than what she expected," a flack for the local police said. It sure did! And it sure makes certain details from the story originally recounting the attack stand out even more:


Frank Gehry Is Just A Scam

Here is how Frank Gehry designs a hat, which is pretty much like how he designs a building: "Gehry said that he had done the initial drawing on his iPhone, which an assistant then produced: a violet scribble with a black-and-blue iris at the center." SCAM ARTIST.


Ask Polly: I Am So Jealous Of This Other Girl!

Dear Polly,

I am hoping you might help me with a peculiar personal problem. I apologize in advance if this is a bit vague. To begin with, I am your average 28-year-old fun-time party gal who is often overly drunk/brash, 'one of the guys,' sensitive to criticism/weirdo childhood and thus live a smaller life which I've overall been happy doing with great girlfriends of my own, cool hobbies, owning my own home, working a well-paying not particularly prestigious helping-people job that affords me lots of free time to do whatever I want. I definitely need therapy & a journal, which I plan to do, soon.

I've lived in a certain [...]


Many of Your Favorite Bloggers are Fake

One of the things that's always mystified me about bloggers is that sometimes they are writing as a persona and not as themselves. It's something I never expect, and when I realize such a thing is happening, I'm always shocked, and even feel betrayed. I suppose it seems natural; people amplify a part of themselves, and disguise other parts, and use "techniques" to emphasize attention on what they are "supposed" to be covering. Many bloggers that you probably know and like have, you may be surprised to learn, been "acting" as if they were someone they only sort of are! One of them, as it turns out, was Moe [...]


The Ladies Who Fake Orgasms

Here are further datapoints for our continuing research into orgasm fakers: "Cooper surveyed 366 females ages 18 to 32 who had indicated they endorse faking orgasms, about their sexual habits, their reasons for faking it during a past relationship and their feelings about intimacy. Many of these women said they faked it due to their own fear of intimacy; they also reported faking orgasm because they felt insecure about their sexual functioning, or because they want to get it over with. There was also a small group of participants who did it to enhance their own sexual experience."


Orgasm Fakers: Who Are They?

Who is most likely to pretend to orgasm? Economist Hugo M. Mialon has it all figured out: "[M]en and women who believe their partner can tell whether they are faking are less likely to fake; men and women who love their partner are more likely to fake; and men who are closer to age eighteen and women who are closer to age thirty are less likely to fake." There is also a correlation between education and the potential for prevarication, which once again proves my theory that college is a waste of time.