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The Faulkner Truthers

"I am the best in America, by God," William Faulkner wrote to his editor in 1939, and history has only confirmed that he was not deceived as to the quality of his gift. Faulkner's position in the American literary pantheon is such that his life has been dissected from every possible angle, inside the academy and out—even James Franco had a go at the Old Man, as some Faulkner devotees like to call him. But nobody has yet succeeded in tracing the exact path by which his genius developed.

He dropped out of high school; he dropped out of college. He corresponded with no mentor, belonged to no literary school [...]


If You Can't Tell When David Sedaris Is "Inventing," It's Your Problem

It's once more into the breach with David Sedaris. “I don’t think David ever posed himself as a journalist,” said Torey Malatia, who heads Chicago Public Media, which produces “This American Life.” “He’s a storyteller, a humorist. The giveaway is when he’s wildly exaggerating. It’s art. It’s fiction.”

See? Quit your complaining. You're just supposed to know when he's lying and when he isn't. "It’s acknowledged that he’s making things up," says a visiting journalism professor in Las Vegas! See? It's just acknowledged. If you don't get "the giveaway," it's because you're not a coastal elite with a finely tuned ear for lies and not lies. Also [...]


James Frey Explains Himself

You may think I'm a dick or arrogant or delusional or whatever, and frankly it doesn't matter to me. I've written four books. Published in thirty-nine languages. I sold millions and millions and millions of copies. Do I want to be more famous? I could give a shit. Do I want to publish in more languages? There are a few left. What matters to me is a hundred years from now when people look back at our time, what writers are they gonna say, "Holy fuck!" I think I am and will be one of those people….

You keep saying "fiction" and "nonfiction"! Those words don't mean anything [...]