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Faces: The Things We Had Before Emoji

"Emoji can 'give us signals and visual cues that faces and live expressions once did,' she adds."


People Know When You're Tired

"New research shows that sleep deprivation affects facial features such as the eyes, mouth and skin, and these features function as cues of sleep loss to other people. Researchers discovered that the faces of sleep-deprived individuals were perceived as having more hanging eyelids, redder eyes, more swollen eyes and darker circles under the eyes."


Why The Long Face? Is It Because You Suck At Baseball?

"[N]ew research suggests that the shape of a man’s face can indicate whether he is likely to be a good sportsman. The study, carried out at Goldsmiths, University of London, found that Japanese baseball players with short, broad faces are more likely to display acumen on the sports field. It also showed that sportsmen with long faces are less likely to be successful baseball players."


Bad Men Sometimes Not So Bad

"Classically, a stereotypical tough guy is imagined to have a broad face, a square jaw, and a stoical demeanor. Existing research even supports this association, linking wider, more masculine faces with several less-than-cuddly characteristics, including perceived lack of warmth, dishonesty, and lack of cooperation. However, in the new study, researchers found that men with these wide, masculine faces aren’t always the aggressive tough guys they appear to be."


Tweet On Yo Face Enables You To Do Just That

This adorable hack takes people's tweets and puts them onto their pics, so they look cuter when you post them on your Tumblr.


No Girl Wants To Fuck Your Narrow-Faced Ass Now But One Will Eventually Marry It: Science

"Women looking for a short-term fling are more likely to be drawn to men like Gerard Butler, Johnny Depp and David Beckham than Adam Levine or Jake Gyllenhaal, according to the findings of a recent study. After observing more than 150 men and women ages 18 to 32 over the course of several speed dating events, researchers found that men with wider faces were rated as more attractive and dominant among the female participants. On the flipside, because a wider face has also been linked to negative traits like aggression, the study hypothesizes that women are less [...]


Women Remember Better At Remembering Than Men Because They Actually Pay Attention In The First Place

"A new study shows that women are better than men at remembering new names and faces, something past research has also shown. But this new paper, just published in the journal Psychological Science, also suggests the reason why women are so good at it: In the first few moments that we meet someone, we tend to take in more details about the new face in front of us. We study the eyes, the nose, the cheekbones, the mouth — without even knowing we're doing it — and then neatly file that information away for our brains to retrieve next time we come across the new person."


Wide-Faced Men Wide-Faced Racists

"If you want to know who is more likely to spout any racist beliefs they may have, scientists say you should study their face. A study found men with wider, shorter, faces were more likely to express racial prejudice. This facial shape has been shown to indicate higher than average testosterone levels and linked to more aggressive behaviour. However, researchers from the University of Delaware believe in this case those with wide faces are less likely to bow to social pressure."


Faces Blown

Here you will find a photogallery of people "being blasted in the face by a high-powered jet of air from an industrial leaf blower."


Hmm? Laura Dern's French Plans

"I’m becoming fluent in French so I can go to France and make French films when I’m 60.” —Is Laura Dern kidding? Serious? No idea!


My Capacious-Cheeked Companions Turned Me Bad

"They have previously been accused of being aggressive, untrustworthy and deceitful, but now wide-faced men have also been blamed for selfishness in other people. New research by the University of California, Riverside, has revealed that when people interact with men with wider faces they are more prone to selfishness and their selfish behaviour elicits selfish behaviour in others." —We should all get together later this afternoon and figure out when we're each using the "it wasn't my fault, it was that broad-faced bastard I was hanging out with" excuse to get out of trouble so we don't ruin it through [...]


Humorous Primate Visages Curated

Here you will find a slideshow of monkeys with funny faces.


That Face! The Uncanny Art Of Studio Photography's Heyday

Ahmad el Abed, a tailor. Saida, Lebanon, 1948-53. by Hashem el Madani. Collection: AIF/ Hashem el Madani. Copyright © Arab Image Foundation.

No product of human industry is infinite, but photography comes close. In 1976, John Szarkowski, the longtime curator of photography at the Museum of Modern Art, announced, somewhat gnomically, that "the world now contains more photographs than bricks." As a metaphor of plenitude, Szarkowski’s phrase is wonderfully material, suggesting that photographs are just another object in the world, at once essential and interchangeable. As an estimate of quantity though, it now seems impossibly low. If digital photographs count (as by now they must), then the real figure [...]


How To Identify "Lying Face"

If you want to know whether or not someone is lying to you, watch their upper face.