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The Extra Woman

One in an irregular series of profiles of fabulous older women.

The first time I met Adele Daniller, she kept offering me food. This was several years ago, at her home in Tarzana, CA, in what Los Angeles people call "the Valley." I’d come to Daniller’s house with her daughter, Lydia Daniller, a photographer friend. After refusing a few rounds of snacks, I got up to go to the bathroom and ended up wandering through the Daniller’s living room. It was a hot afternoon, and the lights were off. The cool, dark room felt soothing. On every wall and in every nook was art: sculptures, framed [...]


How To Fix A Chili Dog

"One incident that occurred at the craft service table of 'Murder, She Wrote' taught me something that I had never thought about. I was fixing myself a chili dog and William Windom, who plays the town doctor on the show, was in line behind me and said 'No, no, no – put the chili, cheese, and mustard on the bun first, then the hot dog'. He explained to me that putting the other stuff in first allows one to get more in and is less likely to spill all over with the wiener on top. He had a point, and I've done it his way ever since. I always [...]