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Do You Like Stories?

Journalist David Wolman, author of The End Of Money, is trying something: A digitally self-published nonfiction collection that takes place all over the world. Writers rarely get the chance to assemble their favorite work. Why shouldn't we/you/they/I do it ourselves?


Chris Lehmann Live Blogs Sarah Palin on Oprah. For Reals!

Sarah on the Couch


Our Friends Introduced Us To This Wonderful Band

A few months ago, Awl Music switched over to a new kind of curation. (Yes, sorry, "curation." You know: choosing videos.) Instead of picking videos one at a time, by hand (by mouse?) we started picking shows from YouTube and Vimeo, and set the site up to automatically post new episodes from the shows that we like. Right now there are 8 shows that get fed into the stream: La Blogotheque, a live music series produced by the French music website of the same name; Beat Making Lab, a PBS Digital Studios program in which some guys introduce a compact electronic music studio to various cultures [...]


The Job Board: Here Is A Job!

It's the third installment of our weekly experiment, the Job Board! Do you have a job for offer? Do you require a job? Then post within. Most likely you should include an email address or contact info. And look! Here's a job! Even if you think Meryl Streep is "kind of a hack," there's a job for you writing "original blog posts" about celebrities!