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Dark Times For Dark Lord

"With old media getting savvier and BuzzFeed on the rise, Denton has seen his digital media empire threatened once again by powerful adversaries." Oh my God the new Star Wars is gonna suck so bad.


Cosmo: Pedicure Accompaniment, or Revolutionary Text?

"During a PowerPoint presentation about reader polls, one slide asked the audience to guess which of the following things young women wanted most: a) beauty; b) an amazing career; c) fame; or d) lots of money. There was a slight pause as audience members made their own guesses. Then the answer: Fame. A faint murmur of confusion. Fame? Really? I conducted a copycat poll among my own friends: 15 picked an amazing career, 6 picked money, 3 picked beauty and only 1 picked fame." —The international juggernaut that is Cosmo—64 international editions!—is either transforming the world's women into empowered, business-minded feminists or skanks who use "backdoor booty" before [...]