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Someday A Jury Will Read Your Stupid Emails And You Will Feel Shame

In case you needed yet one more reminder, and you do, as any lawyer can tell you, just don't ever put things in email. Yes, we all hate the phone. Yes, it's truly horrible. But do yourself a favor. Save the juicy business for IRL. And also then when you do have a dishy phone conversation—in this case, with Tony Blair—don't then summarize it in… an email. This PSA comes to you from the unlikely source of one James Murdoch. If you're still somehow following the News of the World hacking trials and tribulations, which have been going on for what seems like several lifetimes, you can stop [...]



We get mail! In fact, we are on some crazy email lists, including one run by some guy named Tony Caputo. (He needs a Tumblr, bad!) Today he finds hope for the future in the writings of Ben Stein, who is the only Jew he likes. (Besides Jesus, I guess.) Good work, Ben Stein-your ramblings from 2005, about how Christmas bushes are fine with you, have put you in good company in the (mostly imaginary! Except to crazies!) culture wars.


The End of the 00s: Imagined Responses to Four Emails That I Sent, To Which I Have Not Yet Received a Reply, 2000-2009, by Juli Weiner

Dear Juli,

Received your query about the frozen chocolate chip cookie dough. You mentioned, quoting you here, "There were 24 cookies when I put them in the freezer last night, and now there is just one and a half-eaten bit of another." I feel somewhat responsible because I will completely admit to having two cookies. Totally and completely-that was me, those two, and believe me, I feel really gross about it. And the fact that you noticed the, again, quoting you here, "sandcastles of cookie crumbs around [my] bed" makes me feel even worse. Now of course, you'd be remiss to conflate my feelings of guilt with actual awareness about [...]


"The Basic Problem Here Is That You Are Wrong": The Collected Letters of Tom Scocca and Keith Gessen

Here are the last few thousand words on the topic of a new essay by Mark Greif in n+1. (The piece, On Repressive Sentimentalism, was published last week. I pointed it out to fellow readers while I was still digesting it. Later, Awl contributor Tom Scocca criticized it strenuously. N+1 editor Keith Gessen replied via his Tumblr, which I briefly addressed here.) Among other things, there was some confusion about "us" versus "them": who was a reader of n+1 and who was an Internet barbarian? (Who was both? *Raises hand slowly*) Anyway. And now, a couple of things about what follows, which is an extended [...]


What's the Right Talking About Today? Ezekiel Emanuel's Death Panel Rationing (also Barack Obama Kills Babies)

Interested in keeping up with the news the same way the right does? Here's a peek inside our mailbox! Today's missive from the Christian right: "social justice" is code for baby-killing and death panels!