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Ask Polly: How Do I Stop Hating Myself For Getting Black-Out Drunk?

Hi Polly,

I drink a lot, some weeks nearly everyday, some weeks once or twice, and once I've started (usually when I get home from work) I always keep going until I go to bed. I'm OK if I do it alone, but if I communicate with people in any way while I'm not sober and then the next day I don't remember each and every word of the conversations I start panicking and feeling I did something horrible.

I've had a rough life, but I've worked hard and, after a couple of psychiatrists that didn't help much and 1.5 years of therapy that did, I'm finally, at 29, [...]


Bear Successfully Evades Legal Execution By Minneosta Hunters

Is this 39-year-old momma bear who has successfully evaded two generations of drunken Minnesota hunters the oldest bear in the world? Sure, why the hell not.


The Fable of Curry Todd

"Tennessee state Rep. Curry Todd, a lead sponsor of a law allowing handgun carry permit holders to bring guns into bars, has been arrested on charges of drunken driving and possession of a gun while under the influence." —Let's all have a good laugh and move on. To linger on this is just like eating the entire bag of candy. [Via]


All The Drunk Dudes: The Parodic Manliness Of The Alcoholic Writer

It’s difficult not to romanticize a link between writing and drinking. Wisdom hurts, so the more wisdom a writer has, the harder the writer will try to drown it with alcohol. Or maybe it isn’t wisdom that needs to be drowned; it’s the inner editor. Or maybe the great passion that leads to great writing also leads to great drinking. Or maybe… anyway, there must be some connection, so can we please put down our horrible manuscripts and pour ourselves some bourbon already?

There is no romanticizing in The Trip to Echo Spring, British journalist Olivia Laing’s new group biography of six alcoholic writers—Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Tennessee Williams, [...]


Drunk Dumb

“I get drunk a few times a week, so I guess I could have done it.” —Local man calls 911 from World Trade Center, reports planes flying into building, is the worst kind of drunk.


Not All Gays Are Drunk the Entire Summer Long

You may hear a rumor today that not all of the gays are drunk all summer. Most are! Sure, the vast majority are coked out of their minds! Certainly, don't trust them with any sensitive work tasks on Mondays from now until Labor Day. (Especially the gay surgeons! Oh and the book editors, obviously, who are all smoking crack and hooking up with cab drivers and, oh right, screwing over their friends and semi-apologizing via memoir at a later date.) But some of the gays apparently don't actually have an IV of alcohol hooked up to their shaved, gleaming forearms, even on the Island of Gay Sexy Time [...]


Ask Polly: I'm a Drunk And No One Likes Me!

Dear Polly,

I'm 24 and female. I graduated last year and moved to New York City and I'm hopelessly single with no real friends. I know, pretty original. I've been here for a year, and I work at a great start-up and I feel suicidal. I'm also an alcoholic.

I feel so insecure that no one likes me. I'm lucky to work at a great company with incredibly smart people. I do customer service, and it's an investment company, so the questions aren't always super easy, but I entered the position feeling very, very stupid compared to my coworkers. Six months in, I still feel insignificant and nervous around my [...]


Drunk Bloggers Are the Best Bloggers

Fuckers I am so sick of reporting on incremental tech news for fucking two years now, so sick I’m pretty much considering reverting full-time to fashion coverage…. But yeah, The New York Times took a step towards the future this blasted Sunday night and all of us tech press are expected to cover it like lemmings. Fine. Sure. It’s a big deal, in a business that is slowly dying, to show an understanding of 21st century distribution mechanisms. Kudos NYT. You’re still worth less than Instagram. Hahahahhaha, lol (drink).

Honestly? I like the Internet a lot better when you're all just straight-up drunk-typing. Let's make a habit [...]


Half Baked: Kentucky Derby Bourbon Balls!

Before I begin, let's get something out of the way before you all start howling "Dixie" in the comments: I'm not Southern. Not even close. But I do love bourbon and wearing fanciful hats designed to match colorful sundresses and sporting events that only take up three minutes of my actual time (three minutes? Is that correct, sporty ladies? Hoof over here and explain to your batty auntie how these horse races happen!) and therefore I go wild for the Kentucky Derby. And every year I get to trot out one of my signature recipes, which I would be tempted to describe as The Best Thing I Make [...]