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Are You Ready To Kill Your Busybody Co-Worker Yet? Because He Is Killing You.

"Every office has (at least) one—the colleague who is always walking fast, finishing other people's sentences and racing from meeting to meeting while fielding email, texts and voice mail on multiple devices. That person can appear very important. They may not know it, but they're usually causing secondhand stress."


The Tide Is Rising Against Lord God King Mayor Mike!

In a recent poll of New Yorkers, the number one thing they thought Mayor Mike has done wrong is change term limits so that he can install himself as Lord God King of New York City, because clearly he thinks he is the only person who can see us through this economic shit-show, even though he was a fundamental part of laying the groundwork for this economic shit-show. Another interesting data point: his insane plan to spend $80 million to get elected for a third term? A full quarter of people surveyed say that they are less likely to vote for him because of that.


Mike Bloomberg Will Take No Questions About His Third Term–Calls Reporter A "Disgrace"

Mike Bloomberg: kind of a dick. Today he was asked: if the economy turns around, would that invalidate his plan to have a third-term, which of course he's only planning so as to save New York City from disaster? So he got all snarly and asked for a serious question. Sounds like someone's wearing his little shorts a bit too tight. IMPORTANT UPDATE! MAYOR CALLS REPORTER A "DISGRACE"!