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When To Drink At Denny's

"New York's first-ever Denny's got its liquor license approved at the Community Board 1 meeting last night, although not quite the one it was hoping for. The Denny's team had proposed to start serving alcohol at 10 a.m. on weekdays and 8 a.m. on Saturdays, but residents were concerned about attracting 'the kind of person who wants to have a drink before noon.' So CB1 pushed the hours of alcohol service back to 11 a.m. on [...]


Dismembering Denny

Being naturally petty my initial reaction to news that "residents of a swanky downtown condo building have filed a lawsuit grand-slamming a plan to put a Denny’s restaurant in their building" was of the, "Suck it, rich people, we all have to live with the malling of Manhattan" variety, but on further reflection I decided that I don't want a Denny's in my city even if it does bring with it the benefit of upsetting a bunch of people who pay a million bucks for each bedroom. I suppose we'll never have the revolution if aesthetic considerations trump class antagonisms, but that's a concern I'm willing to put on [...]


Leave It To Denny's To Figure Out A Way To Screw Up Grilled Cheese

I have been wondering about Denny's Fried Cheese Melt ever since I first heard of the bread/American cheese/mozzerella sticks concoction earlier this week. Why pair American cheese with the mozzerella sticks, and not something more compatible like, say, provolone? Why does the official image of the sandwich make it seem like the cheese within each layer is completely unmeltable, thus food-styling away one of the biggest competitve advantages of the grilled-cheese sandwich as opposed to, say, a BLT? (Hands up if you thought those were chicken fingers inside the sandwich.) Will the marinara sauce have any spice beyond salt in it? And, perhaps most importantly, how would it stack [...]