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Sorry, Smokers: You Also Cannot Smoke At "Outdoor Public Events" In San Francisco Now

Does the modest increase in gun regulation proposed by the White House today seem too crazy to comprehend? Here is how quickly big things can change: In the not so long ago era of Bill Clinton's second term and "Friends," when the Drudge Report was what the old people already had as their home page, you could still smoke almost anywhere in California. Restaurants, bars, concert venues, the beach, outside elementary schools. And then the No Smoking laws came to pass, and despite threats of violence by rednecks, within a few months it was all over. Short-lived protests like the "private clubs" that some Central Valley truck stops [...]


Who doesn't love a good innovation?

"The theme this year is innovation, a solid choice that nonetheless made some attendees wish the calendar said 1999, not 2009." Publishers attending the Newspaper Association of America's San Diego convention are all out of deck chairs to rearrange.