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Men, Makeup, Money: The Boylesque of Rify Royalty

"I really want to work out before my gig tonight," Sharif Abaz said. "But I still have to fix my costume and my makeup is going to take forever. I have no time." He picked up his outfit for the evening—a black mesh bodysuit, tank-top and shorts that cover the groin with a thick strip of spandex—and packed everything into a backpack. As he walked out, he took a final glance in the mirror by his front door, then brushed glitter from the night before from his eyelashes and rubbed his hand through his beard to check for untamed hairs.

Abaz arrived at the downstairs bar area of The [...]


F***ed Up, "Inside A Frame"

The Canadian punk band Fucked Up are tired of all the chaotic mosh dancing that happens at their (super intense and incredibly awesome) concerts. So they've made a video to teach their fans some more synchronized moves. From West Side Story to "I'm Bad" to Battle of the Year (in theaters next month, starring the guy from Lost who tried to be like Don Johnson and—oh, Jesus, yuck!—Chris Brown) it's always funny to watch dancers scowl and act tough. Everybody knows tough guys don't dance. Still, this works. Maybe just because it's so weird.