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The Life Cycle Of A Pop Song

Conception Phase The song is born in a basement, a warehouse, or among buskers on the street or subway station. The song may not be entirely finished yet.

Underground Phase The song is played to a small crowd of 3 – 20 friends, mostly drunk, incoherent, and incapable of judging its quality.

Ambivalent Phase You hear it in concert and no one cares. It’s not worth bragging to your friends, even if you secretly like the song.

Connected Phase You hear the song and it’s so refined that it’s good. Your first thoughts are, “Is this real? Am I hearing this?” This is the great “aha” effect [...]


The Exhaustion of the Cyclical Recession

Why isn't anyone all gung-ho about the end of the recession, Times biz columnist Floyd Norris wants to know! History, he says, shows us that we always land on our feet. (I dunno, historically, I think people feel better when the jobs come back and when there's money being made to offset spending mostly? But that's just a suggestion from the man who just exhausted all the quarters in the change bowl on his last trip to the deli.) The downturns of '91 and '01 are being treated as stand-alone events-despite the fact that everyone keeps saying "the economy is cyclical," and if I hear that one [...]