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Solving The Broken Crossword Puzzle Economy

The crossword puzzle can seem utterly authorless. If you haven't caught the documentary Wordplay, or bothered to look up the name that appears in tiny agate type below the grid in The New York Times, you might join many others in assuming that the crossword is written by editor Will Shortz. Or volunteers. Or a computer.

In fact, crosswords are made by people (called constructors) whose status is roughly equivalent to freelance writers—that is to say, low. Puzzles are sent on spec to editors, who buy them or turn them down, and who fine-tune the ones they accept without, as a nearly universal rule, consulting the constructor. Submissions may sit [...]


Krossword Korner, with Alex Pareene: A Bearload of Answers!

The answers for this week's crossword puzzle follow.


World's Most Irritatingly Tiny Correction Published

"The crossword puzzle on Friday provided an erroneous clue for 30-Across, seeking the answer 'Ute.' The clue should have read, 'Subject of a museum in western Colorado,' not 'Subject of a museum in eastern Colorado.'" Liberal paper takes six days to admit heinous fault that has been destroying lives since last week.