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The "Best" Internet Pictures of the Quitter Pope

When this Ratzinger character first became the pope in 2005, it finally seemed like there really was a God … and He obviously loved all the funny pictures and animated GIFs and Star Wars references and constant talk about Hitler on the Internet. Joseph Ratzinger was many things, none of them good, yet paradoxically he was also so very, very good for the Internet. In a way, he was the Internet in human form, much as Jesus Christ or Shiva or Thor were all supposedly God in human form.

Anyway, such great material! We're all going to miss him very much. Sadly, the next pope ("The Last Pope," according [...]


British Thugs Rob Famous Prison Tower

English stabbies are so bored with their usual bedlam that they've begun robbing famous prisons. The Tower of London, the British Empire's beloved historical place to torture its political dissidents, was the target of a bold thief who stole the Tower's keys on Guy Fawkes Night. The keys open not only the locks on the drawbridges, but also the doors to the tourist restaurant and a conference room—perhaps the very conference room where Henry VIII had Anne Boleyn executed in 1536.


Bernie Kerik: All Cops Nationwide Agree With Teabagging!

This video is hysterical. Illegal immigrant nanny-hirer, indicted liar-to-the-IRS and former New York City top cop Bernie Kerik went on Fox News' Red Eye last night and talked about how awesome the teabagger anti-tax protests were. I can't even tell if host Greg Gutfeld is pranking him or being serious or what, but you can tell he is dying inside. The best part is when Kerik says, "I would say there aren't many cops in the New York City police department, or police officers anywhere in this country, that don't agree with the people that were out there."