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Your Face Is Going To Get Eaten Off Sooner Or Later

What would you do if you were attacked by a pack of coyotes on your way to your job? I mostly work from home so it hasn't really come up yet, but I imagine if I were in the position of this Colorado man for whom this scenario was in fact quite real, I would pretty much just make a big doody in my pants and then lie on the ground crying until they ate my face off. Anyway, we'll find out the answer soon enough, because as the wildlife expert in the story says here, and I am paraphrasing, adult coyotes are instructing their children to attack human [...]


Coyotes And Badgers, Working Together To Kill Squirrels

It was good to learn in today's Science Times that coyotes, which are basically taking over our country, eat lots of Canadian goose eggs. So maybe that will cut down on airplane crashes. But the best part of the article was bit about how coyotes and badgers hunt ground squirrels together out west. Here's a video that explains it some, too. (Don't make fun of that park ranger's performance, either. It's notoriously difficult to act with animals, even when they're stuffed, or just green-screened in next to your face. And she's probably a very good person.)


San Francisco Mission Residents Dumbfounded By Local Predator

A common wild animal that lives throughout the San Francisco Bay Area is leaving local residents scratching their heads in utter amazement. The animal, a coyote, became trapped in a backyard in the popular Mission District. Who has a backyard in the Mission? Mark Zuckerberg? Let's say "Mark Zuckerberg." He trapped a coyote in his immense backyard behind his mansion, which violates your privacy.

"Mission District Coyote is telling no tales," reports the local CBS website. What did Mark Zuckerberg do to this coyote, so that it cannot tell tales? What is a wild member of the canine family if not a beloved storyteller? "A wayward coyote trapped [...]


The Coyote's Guide To New York Living

So it looks like the coyotes are here to stay. This video was filmed three weeks ago at "The Pond" in the southeast corner of Central Park. When the car lights pass it's like that scene from Collateral, right? After this week's exciting chase through Chelsea, Paul D. Curtis, Cornell University associate professor of Natural Resources talked to Discovery's Jennifer Viegas about it. "Coyotes have been in Central Park in the past, and will continue to appear in such urban parks and green spaces throughout most of New York State," Curtis said. "People will need to find ways to coexist with urban wildlife to minimize potential [...]


Today's Coyotes Are Super-Coyotes

“We need to stop looking at these animals as static entities. They're evolving." —Roland Kays, a mammalogist at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, reminds us that the coyotes that have been exploding in population across the Northeastern United States of late, spreading as deeply into urban areas as Central Park, are not your great-great-grandmother's coyotes. These are a coyote-wolf hybrid, 50 percent larger than the coyotes of yore, highly adaptable and well able to hunt and take down animals as large as deer. They're getting bigger and faster and stronger and smarter. And they are coming for you. Joni Mitchell never lies.


NYPD Clearly Not Getting Its Coyote-Trapping Equipment From The Acme Corporation

 At around 3:30 this morning a coyote was spotted on the loose in far west Chelsea, presumably after it was turned away from the driving ranges at Chelsea Piers. This coyote is the third to be spotted on the streets of Manhattan in the past month. Does this mean that New York is getting "edgy" again, or is it just a sign that all those abandoned developments are being colonized by non-human squatters? [Via]