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A Woman Walks Into a Men's Rights Conference

Jessica Roy flew to Detroit to attend the International Conference on Men's Issues, and while there was, naturally, a "palpable distaste for women," there was something more: But what I didn’t expect was how it would make me feel: sad and angry and helpless and determined, all at the same time. Moreover, I didn’t expect to talk to so many men in genuine need of a movement that supports them, a movement that looks completely different from the one that had fomented online and was stoked by many who spoke at this three-day conference.

And you'll never guess what they called her.


This Week's Tech Conference: Three Days Inside the Bubble

By the time I took my seat at [TechConference] on Monday, I had already seen its host’s logo 51 times. The name was printed twice on my conference badge, five times on the lanyard holding that badge, 16 times in the conference agenda, nine times on the side wall of the conference’s main hall, and finally all over the 20-logo tessellation on the stage background. (A giant wooden statue outside the front door spelled out its initials, but we won’t count that.) As I sat down for the first panel, heavy synth-and-bass beats shook the speakers overhead. It was the conference’s theme song. The only lyric: The conference’s name, [...]


The View from Tom Friedman's Next New World

Last week, Susie Cagle went to Thomas L. Friedman's Next New World conference with "leaders drawn from the C-suite, government, education, think tanks and other fields for a "compelling forum on how growth is generated and how the workforce needs to be educated to acquire the skills necessary in the 21st century." This is what she saw.


The 126th MLA Convention: Invite Us All In!

The eggheads do complain about their annual conference of eggheads put on by the Modern Language Association. So boring, one has been told, so exhausting. It's crass and awful! The annual dread among those who have ascended to the glories of tenure is flavored strongly with guilt, too, because the MLA is also famously thronged with newly-minted Ph.D.s vying for the fewer and fewer tenure-track jobs on offer. Guilt, nerves, pressure, careerism and the sad foundering of humanities scholarship in our times!

This year the conference was held in Los Angeles, so I popped over there in order to see for myself how terrible this powwow really is, [...]


The Big Secret Twitter Doesn't Want You To Know That Might Be Killing You

Do you like that Upworthy (Upchuckworthy!) style headline? It might promise quite a lot—but I'm going to deliver.

That's right. I'm going to tell you the one thing on Twitter that it seems like most people don't know. And it's bad for them. And the solution to it? Added bonus: it's bad for Twitter.

And I'm going to do it for free.

One unintended consequence of Twitter, and it's a real flaw baked into the medium—(Medium? No pun intended)—is that it's a fast stream. It probably wasn't in the first couple years! But now you follow 600, 800, 1200 people. Your Twitter stream is hauling ass.

And [...]