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Which Is A Worse Piece Of Garbage, Ray J's Song About Kim Kardashian Or Brad Paisley And L.L. Cool J's Song About Race Relations?

This week, hip-hop presents us with an interesting problem: Which is more horrible, a song from a second-rate publicity whore rehashing his biggest claim to fame, which happens to have been making a sex tape with a woman who has gone to become far more successful and famous than he has? Or an extraordinarily clunky country-rap hybrid that makes a great mess in its attempt to tackle the difficult subject of race in America. We'd all be better off ignoring both these things—each, from all appearances, created in a cynical effort to drum up otherwise undeserved attention. But their coincidental arrival has me curious. What is worse for the [...]


The New Meatpacking District Is…

"It reminds me of the way it used to be in the Meatpacking District." Guess where. GUESS! The answer may do a lot of things to you, the very least of which will be "surprise."


Everywhere You Look: The Eerie Correspondences Between Members Of The Wu-Tang Clan And The Characters Of "Full House"

In November 1993, the Wu-Tang Clan released its seminal debut album, Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers). At the time, the show "Full House," then in its seventh season, was still dominant in the ratings. What similarities could possible exist between the '90s most saccharine sitcom and its most respected group of gangsta rappers? More than you might expect. Despite their superficial differences, these are essentially two makeshift families struggling to make do in America; two casts of eccentrics that inexplicably gel to form a cohesive unit. Let's further explore the complexities that link the West Coast Tanners and the East Coast Wu, revealing them as two sides of the same [...]